A smiling Breivik told the court that he deserved a medal for kiling 77 people.

Thirty-three year old Anders Behring Breivik murdered 77 people in Norway last year in an act of far right terrorism which sent warnings to black and minority ethnic communities that racial violence is on the increase in Europe, and there are many more just like him willing to kill for racial purity.

Anders Breivik stands trial for terrorism after he killed 77 people in Norway last year using a bomb and a gun to kill many young people at a summer camp on Utoya island.

Breivik said that his motivations were to combat the Islamic invasion of Norway and he refused to acknowledge the authority of the Norwegian court, saying to the court, “You have received your mandate from political parties which support multiculturalism.” Breivik: Norway Attack ‘Was Self-Defence’ (Sky News: 16 April, 2012)

When Breivik carried out his massacre the mainstream media was quick to mention that he acted alone. There was little in-depth analysis of how Breivik’s beliefs were given expression not only by legal far right political parties in Europe but also, journalists and politicians who have expressed a dangerous anti-Muslim message through the ideology of white supremacy, or more to the point, the threat of Western civilisation from non-white cultures.

The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) published a report on the Oslo Massacre titled, Breivik, the conspiracy theory and the Oslo massacre (BRIEFING PAPER NO.5 – SEPTEMBER 2011), where it was documented how Breivik’s beliefs was encouraged by mainstream politicians and journalists in Europe who made remarks which would have sit comfortably during the era of European white supremacist ideology.

Breivik believed that Muslims conspired to take over Europe, he also believed that Western civilisation was under threat and these ideas he held came from respected politicians and journalists in Europe.

The IRR report cites several commentators who have written about the dangers of Islam and the Islamification of Europe. People such as:

UK, Conservative Education Minister Michael Gove (author of Celsius 7/7),Douglas Murray (Director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, Associate Director of the Henry Jackson Society and author of Neoconservativism: Why we need it), the Christian Zionist Baroness Caroline Cox (former education advisor to Margaret Thatcher), Melanie Phillips (columnist on the Daily Mail, formerly of the Spectator, and author of Londonistan: How Britain has created a Terror State Within); in Germany, the philosopher and cynic Henryk M. Broder (writer on Der Spiegel, Die Welt and author of Hurrah We Capitulate: On the desire to cave in).” (p.3)

Oskar Freysinger, deputy of the Swiss People’s Party, and secretary of Stop the Minarets movement in Switzerland refers to Islam as aggressive and calls for a ban on the burqa. (p.4)

Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party argues that Islam is incompatible with democracy and modern civilisation and that all Muslims are essentially fundamentalists. (p.4)

The IRR report said, “British neoconservative Douglas Murray of the Centre for Social Cohesion, speaking at a debate in Athens (sponsored by the British Council and Intelligence Squared) on whether the creation of an official mosque would be a good thing, argued against the motion on the grounds that the history of Muslim immigration to the UK had meant that all the bad things associated with Islam had landed on the doorstep of London.” (p.4)

The Koran has been compared to Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ by far right figures such as Geert Wilders, and was even made into a 17-minute film called Fitna in 2008, which was shown at the House of Lords in 2009.

When Wilders was charged with incitement to racial hatred, Douglas Murray wrote to the Daily Telegraph readers saying, “The trial has unparalleled significance for the future of Europe’, for ‘it is not just about whether our culture will survive, but whether we are even allowed to state the fact that it is being threatened.” (p.5)

The IRR report also mentions how the British National Party and the English Defence League (EDL) have both referred to Muhammed and Muslims as paedophiles.

According to the report the EDL said, “The UK has a significant problem with Muslim paedophiles who prey upon English girls and contemptuously abuse them”, which they say “stems directly from the example of their violent paedophile prophet Mohammed.” (p.5)

Breivik got his inspiration from all of these people and more in his 1,500 page manifesto.

The mainstream media in Britain have also promoted the idea that child abuse in Britain is mainly a Muslim problem. In January 2011, former Home Secretary Jack Straw said that Pakistani men had a specific problem in targeting young white girls for sexual abuse. (Read Jack Straw controversially focuses on Pakistani men in sex abuse case)

I pointed out how since the 9/11 attacks and the ‘War on Terror’, the British media has been focusing on criminal activities by individuals who identify themselves as Muslim. How many of us heard about ‘honour killings’ before 9/11?

I also pointed out that child sexual offenders seek the most vulnerable and easy to influence children to seduce, hence why overseas in Africa and Asia child sexual tourism is mostly associated with white Western males.

The British media had essentially politicised and racialised child sexual abuse and individuals such as Breivik picked up on these sensational news stories and wrote about the dangers of European women being raped in his manifesto. (p.5)

The IRR report mentions how Douglas Murray’s Telegraph articles and speeches refers to Islam as a warmongering religion (p.6)

The clash of civilisations: The new white supremacist manifesto

The clash of civilisations is a term associated with American academics Bernard Lewis and Samuel Huntington, who wrote that the Arab envy for Western civilisation would result in the Muslim world attacking the Western world.

Huntington argued that the new conflict in the post Cold War era would be between different civilisations, namely Islam and the West, and that America’s Christian Anglo-centric identity was being threatened by the ‘Mexicanization’ of the population, in other words race mixing. (p.8)

For black and minority ethnic communities who may think that this new wave of anti Muslim racism does not effect them, a closer look at Breivik’s beliefs, and indeed the views of the individuals I have mentioned in this article will reveal that all non whites are seen as a threat.

Breivik opposed multiculturalism, as do Geert Wilders, Murray, Huntington and others. Even British Prime Minister David Cameron spoke about about the failure of multiculturalism (read Cameron blames multiculturalism for Islamic home-grown extremism).

The rise of the far right in Europe and indeed Western countries in general is part of a backlash by many whites towards the hard-fought equality which black and minority ethnic communities have fought for, for many decades.

The ugly head of white supremacy has finally shown its intentions through individuals such as Breivik, Wilders, Murray, Huntingon, Cameron and others.

White supremacy is now being promoted under the guise of the Muslim threat to Europe and the Western world.

History is being turned on its head as Europeans now claim to be the victims of an Islamic conquest. Left out of their rhetoric is the fact that successive European governments have intervened and committed numerous terrorist acts against Muslims in the Middle East decades before the concept of Islamic terrorism was even thought up. Left out is the fact that the foreign policy of Western governments is responsible for the deliberate under-development of many countries within Africa, the Middle East and elswhere which results in the people of these countries having to migrate to the very countries which exploit their own homeland. Left out is the fact that Europeans perverted and twisted Christianity to invade most if not all of the non European world.

How these individuals continue to believe that they are defending the values of Christianity through white supremacy, the theft of other people’s land and resources and mass murder, continues to defy the laws of rational reasoning.

There is a collective historical amnesia among many Europeans of far right thinking regarding what their ancestors have done to other races. One wonders whether Breivik understands that the European empires are responsible for the mass migration he so opposes?

One has to wonder whether Breivik knows that Christianity was forced upon Africans and many other non whites through conquest? Does he know that Europeans imposed their culture on an entire race, uprooted their culture, spiritual beliefs, names and identity; and denied them their history and civilisation?

The fact is, Breivik, and the other white supremacists cited in this article have no idea what it is like to be colonised and have their identity eradicated. The idea that Muslims are taking over is nonsensical considering that the world’s resources and weapons of mass destruction is concentrated in the hands of Western countries.

Despite all of this though, there are many disillusioned whites who feel just like Breivik and share his views. Just read the comments after the Sky News report here. Breivik, the conspiracy theory and the Oslo massacre

Today it is Muslims, tomorrow it could be Sikhs, Hindus, pentecostal Black Christians etc., after all the British National Party said they would ban black churches in white areas if they were voted in. (Read BNP plan black church ban in white areas)

White supremacy never went away, it was merely in disguise in order to fool black and minority ethnic communities into a false sense of security whilst the resources of their home countries were being plundered ruthlessly and continues to be plundered ruthlessly presently.

Breivik is just the beginning, and those who did not want to rock the boat can no longer sit on the fence. Race ideology has returned to national politics.

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One thought on “Anders Behring Breivik and the growth of white supremacist views in Europe”
  1. I am glad that the people he killed were, by and large, ‘white’. This will make it difficult for ‘white’ Norwegians to white-wash his crimes as a one-off. I think if he was a non-white Muslim, Norway would find a way to re-introduce capital punishment and apply it on him. Currently he will only receive 20 years maximum for the murder of 79 innocent people. This brings us to the other issue of extremely lenient punishments for ‘white’ criminals and extremely harsh punishments for non-whites. The experiences of Troy Davis and Babar Ahmad come to mind.

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