Quite inhuman that Americans show no interest in those nine little children shot to death by a US soldier this month. A rising number of citizens realize how their minds have been conditioned to betray the most basic human instincts of compassion, fairness, cheering for the underdog and imagining oneself in the shoes of those murdered by military serving merciless investment bankers. Prescient resolution by a VFP vet.


Trayvon Martin

It’s natural, it’s human nature, and fully expected, that Americans have great interest when one of their own children is shot – even more so, when a racial hate crime is suspected.

It is not so natural and quite inhuman when Americans show little interest in those nine little children shot to death by a US soldier this month.

The news is filled with the story of young Trayvon Martin’s tragic death in Florida. There is also news about the middle-of-the-night massacre of seventeen Afghanis in their homes, nine of them small children. The difference is, whereas, readers and viewers get to see the American kid’s photo pretty much on every news publication and network news programs, there are no photos of the nine dead children when alive in US occupied Afghanistan. There are only photo’s of their alleged US Army killer and the wife of the alleged killer, who is interviewed as well.

It’s like, after all, the alleged killer is American. The massacred children are not American children. We learn of the agony felt by young Trayvon’s relatives, of his character, his dreams, favorite enjoyments, and are saddened by this boy’s life having been cut short by senseless gun fire.

But we don’t seem to want to know about the agony of the parents, siblings, grandparents of each Afghan child, and it never occurs to us to be interested in the faces of the unidentified by name nine boys, girls and infants, how they were beloved, their individual one of a kind personalities, and if they aspired to be doctors, teachers, sport stars, or brave enough to fight the Western invaders so feared for their high-tech killing ability.

Even if Americans did not have their problems of economic recession and personal psychological depression, being overweight and other self-made unhappiness to worry about, they still, for a now legendary American attitude of not be concerned about the latest bunch of poor people murdered in US militarily occupied and neo-colonized third world nations impoverished for having been exploited colonies of industrialized white empire nations for a century or more earlier.

With the 9/11 suicide attack by religious Wahabi Saudi Arabians in retaliation for the deadly US invasion of Iraq, US sanctions causing the death of a half-million infants, a half-century of war on fellow Arab Palestinians and the stationing of US troops in the land holy to all Muslims, the Wall Street owned US government and commercial media was able to propagate fear and justify war on all the nations of the oil rich Middle East with the same fervor and blasphemy of lies that justified a half century of wars against communism in most all third world. Imperial wars have always been for protection of an empire’s predatory investment regardless of fear mongered imaginative pretext.

The average American is so pathetically disinterested in who American troops, ships, planes and CIA are murdering, he or she could not possibly be interested to know that Afghanistan is not even an Arab nation, that Presidential Adviser Brzezinski brought in Arabs from all over the world, he himself calling for jihad in recruiting them to fight on the CIA-Afghan fundamentalist hill tribe terrorist side of a civil war that was funded by President Carter to sucker the Soviets into defending an allied socialist, women liberating, government in Kabul.

Now America conquers entire nations and overthrows governments to combat the ‘evil terrorists’ that Brzezinski brought into Afghanistan. Citizens and allies are told it is these Muslims who want to conquer and control the world, not kind and Godly American imperialism. Before Saudi Arabs counterattacked on 9/11 Americans had been told since 1900, that they must combat a communist conspiracy, not a capitalist conspiracy, seeking to enslave a world ironically still colonially enslaved by white investor run empires.

However, a rising number of American citizens realize how their minds have been conditioned to betray even the most basic human instincts of compassion and fairness, that early American trait of cheering for the underdog and imagining oneself in the shoes of the those oppressed and often murdered by military serving merciless and patently insane investment bankers running European empires.

As impossible as it sounds now in this present era of Orwellian mass-media psyop deception successfully leading the gullible majority to support, condone, or acquiesce mass-murder by one’s own countrymen on a previously unimaginable scale, a minority of Americans and citizens abroad, still capable of discerning independent thinking that penetrates the world screen of calculated lies, will become the segment of the US and world population that will somehow bring Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi’s courageous call to moral responsibility to life, and prosecute our businesslike war criminals in time to prevent the mega-profitable use of the frighteningly stupendous amount of weapons of mass destruction they are massively investing in.

A recent week-end national conference of antiwar organizations saw the introduction of the following prescient resolution by a Korean war veteran, long a member of Veterans For Peace, who might well have been involved in such a massacre as the one this article has sought to expose wholesale public apathy for:

Whereas during WWII and the Allied occupation of Germany afterward, we soldiers, our folks back home and the citizens of the Germany invaded, bombed, and occupied nations in their hearts, to a great degree, held the German people responsible for the crimes of their soldiers and government, andwhereas there be few adult Americans, who are not in some way or another complicit in the crimes against humanity of their brothers and sisters in colonially impoverished nations since WWII, Be it resolved – that those here assembled will seek to make the public aware of its power to end war acceptance; end war capability in our society; be aware of our citizen responsibility for the crimes against humanity illegally ordered by our elected public servants; and consider the shame of our participation. For during the year before his assassination, Martin Luther King Jr. demanded Americans take responsibility for the wars that were atrocities, agonizing over his own previous silence.”


whereas Martin Luther King Jr. finding no court willing to prosecute racist crimes, successfully led their prosecution in the court of public opinion; – whereas Mahatma Gandhi finding no court would prosecute the crimes of the British Empire, successfully led their prosecution in the court of public opinion; – and whereas the people of Iran finding their courts unwilling to prosecute the crimes of the Shah, successfully led their peoples prosecution in the court of public opinion; – be it resolved law-abiding Americans, finding that US courts will not bring the force of common law, statutory law, Constitutional law and Nuremberg Principles law down upon perpetrators of illegal wars on poor people in colonially impoverished nations, that we citizens of all walks of life will seek to lead prosecution of these illegal and homicidal wars in the court of public opinion to punish these crimes against humanity and prevent them from further happening until our courts can do so.”

The above resolution, now in committee awaiting approval, was introduced by the pro bono coordinator of the the Martin Luther King Jr. Condemned US Wars for Predatory Investments International Awareness Campaign (King Condemned US Wars) and the Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now Campaign which feature a country-by-country history of US war crimes.

This article originally published by OpEdNews, US

Jay Janson, 80, is an archival research peoples historian activist, musician and writer, who has lived and worked on all the continents and whose articles on media have been published in China, Italy, England, India and the US, and now resides in New York City. Howard Zinn lent his name to various projects of his. GlobalResearch, InformationClearingHouse, CounterCurrents, DissidentVoice, OpEdNews, Minority Perspective UK, HistoryNewsNetwork, are among those who have published his articles. Is coordinator of King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign (King Condemned US Wars) and creator of Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now Campaign with a country by country history of US crimes.



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