Police sketch of the man who attacked the black mother. He is described as haaving blue eyes, a dimple in his chin and a red mark like a burn on his bottom lip.

A black mother was left traumatised and with burns to her back and chest after a white male threw acid over her whilst she was pushing her young baby in a pram.

A  twenty-nine year-old black woman was viciously attacked as she pushed her baby in a pram. The woman was approached by a white male said to be in his 40s who made a sexual and racist comment towards her before throwing a container of corrosive liquid over her.

The police believe this to be a random attack and it is being treated as a hate crime. It has also been reported that the baby was not harmed.

The white male fled the scene after the attack and is still at large.

Racism on the rise says report

This vicious racist attack is part of a growing trend of racist violence against black and minority ethnic communities (BME) according to the the Institute Of Race Relations. (IRR)

Dr. Jon Burnett, author of the report, ‘The new geographies of racism: Stoke-on-Trent’, said that Stoke’s BME communities have seen a surge in racist attacks, forcing asylum seekers from schools, deliberate damage to Mosques, attacks at takeaways and against Muslims, and a campaign of racial harassment against the BME community in general, all spurned on by the rise of far-right politics and groups in the area such as the English Defence League.

According to the report:

Serious racist attacks in Stoke which have taken place in the last few years have included the hospitalisation of an Indian takeaway worker, in November 2011, after he was attacked with a lump of masonry; an attempt to blow up a mosque; a worker in a Turkish takeaway being cut with a knife, a paving slab thrown through the window of the premises and protection money being demanded by the attackers; a delivery driver forced to hide in his vehicle as youths threw bottles and glass at him; and, on the eve of a march by the English Defence League, taxi firms having to suspend their services, reportedly as a result of death-threats against drivers.”

Not only has the harsh economic climate pushed the ugly underbelly of racism to the surface in Britain, there is a poisonous ideology which has been promoted by the mainstream media, which claims that white people are the now the main victims of racist attacks, but this inaccurate and highly racially inciting belief is not supported by the statistics.

According to an IRR report titled, ‘Racial violence – the buried issue’ (April 22, 200):

The Institute of Race Relations, the only research body in the UK to monitor racial violence, has found that a total of eighty-nine people have lost their lives in racial violence attacks in the UK since the murder of Stephen Lawrence on 22 April 1993.”

Of these, eighty-three were from BME communities and just six were White (four were White British and two were Polish migrant workers). Forty-six per cent of all victims were Asian and 26 per cent were Black. The vast majority of perpetrators, 94 per cent, were White British people.”

The report highlighted that vulnerable BME groups included those who worked at night such as taxi drivers, takeaway workers and small shops which accounted for 16% of the deaths.

As a result of the economic hardship these are dangerous times for BME communities, particularly when you have a national media deceitfully telling whites that they are the main victims of racist attacks.

It is also important to note that Dr. Jon Burnett mentioned in his report how some victims of racial violence has been let down by the criminal justice system and were even forced to take up self defence to defend themselves and their families. In other words the perpetrators were not brought to justice.

Another important issue in this case is that independent race equality groups that has been providing a vital service for local BME communities has been chronically underfunded or have had their funding cut by local councils.

Arun Kundnani, in a report for IRR said, “A study, published…by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, has found that independent, community-based support groups offer victims of racism a sense of empowerment and a validation of their experience that they are not finding from other agencies, such as the police, housing departments or racial equality councils.” (Victims of racist harassment need independent support groups, research finds: July 2003)

In other words independent community groups are providing a better race equality service than the council, housing departments and police, is this the reason why they are not funded by local councils it can be asked?

It is time that the BME communities pull together and begin to fund these independent groups themselves. If no serious effort is made to bring this to fruition not only will more racist attacks occur without justice for the victims, the current weak, government-controlled race equality organisations will be the only places to turn to.

Victims of discrimination deserve to be represented by the group they represent, if nothing is done on this issue then we all might as well be prepared for a race equality future where those who discriminate against us sit behind the race equality desks.

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  1. BNP and NF have been forcibly recruiting in the police for past 30 years. Now we have extreme racists in positions of power in the police force! Add that to extreme right wing media, then its only a matter of time these folk will be building chambers to hold non whites! The UK created racism by creating the Aryan Race myth! There never was a fair skinned aryan race and they dreamt this up to bring justification in to occupying India by force. And even today this is being taught!

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