Sixteen Afghan civilians were murdered as villagers reported drunken U.S. soldiers executing civilians in a drunken murderous rage, killing nine Afghan children and continuing a long line of barbaric war crimes committed by the West in Muslim countries.

Reports have surfaced that 16 Afghan civilians were killed when drunken U.S. soldiers open fire indiscriminately on Afghan civilians killing 16 people, including 9 children and three women.

Whilst the U.S. military is claiming that only one soldier was involved, witnesses say a number of soldiers were involved in the drunken massacre, laughing and firing at Afghan civilians.

According to Ahmad Nadem and Ahmad Haroon (Reuters: Sixteen Afghan civilians killed in rogue U.S. attack: Sunday, March 11, 2012), neighbours and relatives in Kandahar, Panjwayi district, said a group of U.S. soldiers arrive at their village at 2am in the morning and began entering homes and opening fire.

One Afghan male even said he saw the soldiers burning the bodies to seemingly cover their tracks.

A distraught Haji Samad, father and grandfather to the dead children came home to discover the horrific news. He told Reuters news, “I saw that all 11 of my relatives were killed, including my children and grandchildren.”

Samad also said, “They (Americans) poured chemicals over their dead bodies and burned them.”

Neighbours described how they woke up after hearing rowdy scenes of U.S. soldiers, drunk and laughing and firing their guns.

The U.S. military has denied that a few U.S. soldiers were involved in the massacre, despite the eyewitness accounts by neighbours, instead the U.S. military is saying that only one soldier was involved.

President Barack Obama said that those involved will be held accountable. He said, This incident is tragic and shocking and does not represent the exceptional character of our military and the respect that the United States has for the people of Afghanistan.”

Yet the evidence of human rights abuses and war crimes committed by U.S. soldiers against Muslims contradicts Obama’s statement.

In the Reuters report it is mentioned that this horrific incident follows an earlier incident where U.S. soldiers burned copies of the Koran at a NATO base.

In January 2012, author Jay Janson provided the disturbing and graphic link showing U.S. soldiers urinating on dead Afghan bodies (read Americans can Choose Between Being American or Human but Not Both Presently), he went on in his article describing the psychopathic and amoral mindset of many U.S. soldiers towards Iraqis, Afghans and other nations.

In March 2011, I wrote an article highlighting just a few of the monstrous atrocities committed by U.S. soldiers, including taking photographs of themselves with dead Afghan children, and keeping the cut off fingers of their victims, a behavioral trait generally associated with mass murderers. (Read The monstrous atrocities of US soldiers in Afghanistan)

In April 2010, I covered an article regarding the many cover ups of civilian killings by the U.S. military, including the murders of two pregnant Afghan women and a U.S. helicopter crew firing on innocent Iraqi civilians on the streets near Baghdad.

In the same article I covered an unreported soldier’s conference where veterans who served in Iraq confessed to committing war crimes and more disturbingly, said that they were ordered to kill civilians, run over Iraqi children and prevent the injured from being treated in hospitals.

This behaviour defines the bloody imperialist designs of the American military and government towards Muslim people in the Middle East.

This psychotic behaviour stems from an immoral foreign policy based on greed. When soldiers are aware that they are fighting for the wrong reasons it must prick at the conscience having to murder someone who is not a threat to you. It must create a mental conflict knowing that you are fighting and murdering people for oil. It is no wonder so many soldiers suffer mental problems once they are discharged.

In a Reuters report on March 12, 2007, (Mental illness common in returning U.S. soldiers) research revealed that a high number of U.S. soldiers suffered from mental disorders after returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

It seems that even our mental biology is rebelling against the senseless violence for greed and profit. It also seems that war turns individuals into psychopaths or attracts individuals with a psychopathic nature. Either way, many of these individuals have families and children of their own, and it is inconceivable that they would commit these atrocities and return home in a healthy mental state.

The Afghan Parliament and people are demanding a public trial for those responsible, but I would go further. Those responsible, or the fall-guy which the U.S. military is pinning this on should receive the death penalty, with the families of the victims present.

Let us see how the U.S. government treats a child murderer when the victims are Afghan children.

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