In an interview to mark the September 11 attacks with the Times, former UK Prime Minister and war criminal, Tony Blair, hinted that regime change was needed in Iran and Syria, revealing the same bloodthirsty desire for war which took Britain into the Iraq conflict.

Former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, showed no remorse for his former war crimes in an interview to mark the September 11 attacks with the Times today, hinting at more conflict to install regime change.

Blair said that Iran was responsible for prolonging conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq and was a threat to the West if they acquired nuclear weapons, and that the West should use force if necessary to initiate regime change in Iran.

Blair also said that Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad, would not reform, hinting again that intervention would have to be used to remove him from power.

It is very odd that they very countries now under Western attack or scrutiny, such as Libya and Syria, are now being discussed by Blair as if these actions were not planned beforehand. Former NATO Commander Chief General Wesley Clark stated in 2001 that the war in Iraq was part of a five-year campaign plan to bring seven countries under America’s sphere of dominance, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan. (Read Another war for oil: UN approves Libyan no fly zone and military action)

This was in 2001, and Blair is behaving as if these events suddenly dawned on him.

Warmonger Blair was condemned by civil rights groups and independent lawyers in 2005. In a report by Julian Ryall in Tokyo, for, on Monday, 7 March 2005, a lawyers panel made up of legal experts from around the world said that both Bush and Blair deserved to serve at least one life sentence in jail for war crimes and genocide in Iraq before any chance of parole was offered. (Read Above the law: Leaders not held accountable for crimes)

After over 650,000 dead Iraqis, and Iraq’s oil resources brought under Western control Blair continues to parrot the same lies he spoke leading up to the war in Iraq.

Ordinary citizens must understand that war, conflict and terrorist attacks will always be with us as long as people do not confront the governments that carry out state terrorism.



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