When will this gang of international looters be brought to justice?

After six months of a NATO sponsored slaughter in Libya under the pretext of protecting civilians, the desired outcome and the real reasons for the intervention has been revealed at the “Friends of Libya” conference held in Paris last Thursday, where the US, Britain, Italy and Qatar, along with other countries planned the looting of Libya’s resources.

It was to protect Libyan civilians they said, it was to remove a dictatorship and allow ordinary Libyans to decide their future for themselves it was said, but the naked truth revealed the ugly imperialist designs of NATO in Libya, at the “Friends of Libya” conference held in Paris last Thursday.

The Libyan people’s future has already been decided and their resources divided among NATO and its allies.

Bill Van Auken, in an article on the World Socialist Web Site (September 2, 2011) said, “On the day of the summit, the French daily Liberation published the copy of a letter written in Arabic, purportedly from a representative of the Benghazi-based National Transitional Council, promising to cede to France 35 percent of its oil in return for its support.”

Both the French government and the French oil corporation Total deny any knowledge of the letter.

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé did seem to support the content of the letter indirectly, saying “I am not aware of this letter. What I know is the NTC said very officially that concerning the reconstruction of Libya it would turn in preference to those who helped it. That seems fair and logical to me.” He added most interestingly, “There’s a declaration by the NTC but I am not aware of a formal deal. We’re not alone. Italy is also there, (and) the Americans.”

In the same sham set-up as Iraq disguised as democracy, with the oil being divided among Western countries and allies, Libya has become the latest victim of Western looting.

The pretence regarding a humanitarian angle is no longer needed now as the greed for oil is even discussed barefaced in British newspapers. The Telegraph (‘Friends of Libya’ summit marks shift from war to reconstruction) mentions, “French companies are planning an official trade mission to Libya for later in September. Britain has planned no such mission until the conflict is completely over, but William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, promised that the UK “will not be left behind“.”

It seems that The Telegraph refers to Western looting as ‘reconstruction’.

Bill Van Auken said that the Italian newspaper La Stampa, “warned…that France was preparing to switch from bombing Libya to “fighting a cold war to prevent Italian companies from winning back their priority positions” in the Libyan oil sector. Until the war, Italy’s state-backed ENI accounted for 60 percent of production in Libya.”

While the looters during the UK riots received heavy sentences. According to Tom Walker, (Socialist Worker: ‘Feeding frenzy’ in courts after riots: 30 August, 2011) Anderson Fernandes, 22, was jailed for 16 months for taking two scoops of coffee ice cream, and a cone. Jason Aitchison, 27, was part of a group that barged their way into a jewellery store, and despite the fact that he took nothing, the judge gave him four years.

Barack Obama, David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Silvio Berlusconi and other leaders who have taken part in the looting of Libya which has resulted in thousands of deaths will walk the streets free of a justice system that serves the powerful.

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