While the media lies to the public about the humanitarian intentions of NATO in Libya war crimes of the most horrific nature are being committed by NATO forces; 85 people were killed, including 33 children, 32 women and 20 men in the city of Zliten, in the district of Misurata, as NATO callously bombs residential areas.

There is a propaganda war raging between the lies portrayed by the mainstream media and the truth that is trickling out in Libya because of brave independent journalists and independent media organisations.

When NATO threatened to invade Libya under the pretext of protecting civilians from Colonel Gadaffi’s regime in March of this year, just as in previous conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan the mainstream media deliberately hid the underlying reasons from the public.

Kept from the public knowledge is that the Energy Intelligence, a publishing organisation which specialises in publications on the energy industry, ranks the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) 25 among the world’s top 100 oil companies; and said that NOC is playing a prominent role in the international petroleum industry.

Kept from public knowledge is that the Libyan opposition groups are linked to Western countries. (Read The West’s battle for Libya’s oil )

Kept from public knowledge is that the media sources in Libya that are providing the Western media with news stories are funded by America.

Kept from public knowledge is the fact that NATO partners, Italy, France and the UK were the top three EU countries which sold arms to Libya between 2005 and 2009. (Read Another war for oil: UN approves Libyan no fly zone and military action )

Kept from public knowledge is the fact that American military strategy in Libya involves preventing China having further influence in a country where 11% of the oil is exported to America’s economic rival.

Kept from public knowledge is that in their alleged efforts to protect Libyan civilians NATO dropped depleted uranium (DU) on Libyans, the poisonous toxic effects will remain with Libyans for decades to come. (Read Humanitarian intervention from hell: Liberating Libyans with poisoned weapons)

Russian doctors in Libya wrote a letter to the President of the Russian Federation urging the attacks to be stopped as they witnessed hospitals bombed and residential homes targeted.

Kept from the public is the fact that human rights organisation, Amnesty International discredited media reports that Colonel Gaddafi used rape as a weapon of war, finding no evidence that any mass rapes took place or war crimes as reported by the mainstream media. (Read Libya Update: No evidence of rape says Amnesty International)

Lie after lie after lie is being told by the mainstream media in the West about NATO’s involvement in Libya, and atrocities and war crimes are being committed day after day by NATO forces and the rebels.

Michel Chossudovsky, (Global Research TV: Make No Mistake: NATO committed War Crimes in Libya: August the 8th/9th 2011), reported that 85 people were killed in in the city of Zliten, in the district of Misurata, as NATO targeted residential areas. Thirty-three children, thirty-two women and twenty men were killed in that attack; and the report can be watched on the video link above.

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  1. The Americans are in debt and can’t afford to sustain or create anymore serious wars, and her ally, terrorist Britain is cutting back billions on the defense budget.

    Don’t you think that it is a sign, to open the bottle of champagne and make a toast to big China?

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