A youtube video seems to show that members of far right organisations such as the English Defence League (EDL) are taking to the streets pretending to be part of community clean-up operations but really targeting black youths chanting ‘England’, ‘England’!

A youtube video shows a group of white males running through the streets chanting ‘England!’, ‘England!’, sparking speculation that they are members of the EDL who on their website titled a post, “Urgent Call for Action – Clean-Up Operations”. (By Pyrus: August 9, 2011)

Pyrus wrote:

Already EDL supporters have taken to the streets to help defend their communities and prepare for the clean-up operations that must follow the last few days of rioting of looting.”

We already have members organising themselves in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Norwich and Birmingham, and are also looking to organise efforts in Bristol, Leeds, Wolverhampton, Salford, Nottingham, Leicester and Hull.”

In another article on the EDL website BigJay posts an article titled, “The EDL Condemns Rioting and Unchecked Lawlessness in England” (August 9, 2011), where he says,  “It’s obvious that, perhaps because of a perceived “un-whiteness” of the current criminal looters, the police have not been ordered to crack heads.”

The EDL claims to be a non racist party but the reference in that statement suggests that black people receive preferential treatment from the police, a statement not supported by the Stop and Search statistics.

BigJay then goes on to say, “Just a week ago we were told the EDL was the greatest threat to the continued peace and harmony within England. Doesn’t that look foolish now?”, implying that black people pose a greater threat and revealing the true far right beliefs of the organisation.

What is even further shocking is the lack of reference in the media about the growing presence of the far right in these riots.

Sky News (‘Fed Up’ Residents Form Anti-Looter Patrols: Tom Parmenter: 10 August, 2011) shows the same footage in the above video (but in full) where you can see an angry group of white males chanting ‘England!’, ‘England!’, while they scour the streets for looters. It does not strike the Sky News reporter as odd that this group of white males are chanting nationalistic slogans and the reporter does not make the obvious connection. Instead they are portrayed as concerned citizens protecting their communities.

The dangers of the far right hijacking the riots to push forward their agenda is apparent. On the British National Party website, leader Nick Griffin calls for his followers to protect their communities in an article titled, “Self-defence is no offence – we will protect our communities”.

The far right are trying to turn these riots into race riots, despite the fact that many white youths have been involved in the looting. Whether the wider white community will fall for this remains to be seen.

Black and ethnic minority communities need to remain vigilant at this time.

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