Shame on Carlton Cole for for his colonial mentality.

In the Sun online today, England striker Carlton Cole was caught up in a shameful race row after the 1-1 draw against Ghana, when he wrote on twitter that the Ghana fans were illegal immigrants, revealing not only his colonial mentality but a shameful mentality that many black and ethnic minority populations who are born here have towards new arrivals.

The Sun wrote a story today that you would associate with a white person, but shamefully the person in question was a black male. England Striker, Carlton Cole as been caught up in a race row following comments he wrote on twitter after England’s 1-1 draw with Ghana.

According to the Sun, Cole wrote “Immigration has surrounded Wembley. I knew it was a trap! The only way to get out safely is to wear an England jersey.” (The Sun: Cole race ‘joke’ fury: 31 March, 2011)

His comments sparked fury from Ghana fans provoking him to say that it was a joke and removing the comment from twitter.

The sad thing about Cole’s comments is that he is not alone in mocking or showing hostility towards recent immigrants to Britain. Many black and minority ethnic people who are born here seem to display a far-right mentality towards new immigrants, forgetting where they come from and who they are.

In November 2007, former Arsenal striker and BBC sports commentator Ian Wright was caught up in a race row after he was accused of calling an African traffic warden a “monkey” and told him to go back to his own country for giving him a ticket. (London Evening Standard: Ex-footballer Ian Wright in race row with African traffic warden: 3 November, 2007)

The hostility between African-Caribbeans and Africans, and between black and minority ethnic populations born in England and those who are recent arrivals is well documented.

On Saturday 12 March 2011, women in a number of countries marked the Centenary of International Women’s Day with a Mother’s March, to defend Everyone’s survival and welfare, and calling for an End to cuts, poverty and discrimination. It was disturbing to say the least to hear a comment from an immigrant mother that she face racial discrimination from black people in positions of authority such as doctors, school heads and local authority housing. (Read Why Mothers Will Be Marching On Saturday 12 March)

A poll commissioned by Searchlight Educational Trust regarding attitudes towards immigrants and immigration found that 43 percent of Asians and 17 percent of Blacks believed that immigration had been bad for Britain and 39 percent of Asians and 21 percent of Blacks believed that immigration should be halted altogether. (Read Poll points to increasing support for far right amongst white Britons)

This disturbing trend of far-right attitudes held by black and minority ethnic populations who are born here indicates a fractured racial identity and confusion. The days when the white slave masters pitted Black against Black, Asian against Asian, Black against Asian etc., seems to have taken a new turn, with those born here believing themselves to be better than recent arrivals.

It seems that many in these communities like Carlton Cole still have a colonial mentality and it is a serious issue which needs to be addressed and remedied.

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