American-manufactured tear gas used to help suppress the real Egyptian revolution

The media is heralding a new democratic era in Egypt, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned from office much to the delight of the long-suffering Egyptian people, yet the same military in Egypt now responsible for the transition of power and democratic elections have a long history of support from America and Europe, and the new so called democratic leaders are tied to the old Mubarak order which was supported by the West for over 30 years.

The mainstream media has carefully reported the uprising in Egypt, portraying a people desperate for freedom and fighting to overthrow a brutal dictator. As usual, the West has been reported in the media as supporting the uprising and calling for free elections.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague, made a passionate plea to the Egyptian government, to hear the “legitimate demands of protesters”. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she was “deeply concerned about the use of force” by the Egyptian military and British Prime Minister David Cameron, said in an interview with American news channel CNN  “I think what we need is reform in Egypt. I mean, we support reform and progress in the greater strengthening of the democracy and civil rights and the rule of law.” (Global Research: ‘Egypt protests: America’s secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising’, January 29)

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Egyptian military and Mubarak received financial and military backing from America and Europe for over 30 years. In an article by Thalif Deen on the Inter Press News (IPS) website titled, ‘Egypt’s U.S.-Armed Military in Transitory Commanding Role’ (February 11 2011) it is mentioned that Egypt’s military, the same military now in charge of the transition for democratic elections was trained and financed by the American government.

Deen said, “The hefty 35 billion dollars in gratis military aid to Egypt over the last 32 years – under the U.S. Foreign Military Financing (FMF) and International Military Education and Training (IMET) programmes – was lavishly bestowed on the armed forces which sustained and protected the Mubarak regime since October 1981.”

According to The Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), a London-based organisation in an article titled ‘EU arms sales to North Africa double in one year’ (8 February 2011), “Arms export licences from European Union (EU) countries to four troubled north African countries, Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia, doubled in the year 2008-2009 from €985 million to €2 billion. Exports to Egypt also increased, as they did to the Middle East as a whole. These weapons will inevitably be used by authoritarian governments to crush dissent.”

CAAT states that in 2008 AND 2009 the UK exported £39.8 million of arms to Egypt. So the truth is the UK like America was supporting Mubarak and the repressive Egyptian military.

As for US Secretary Hillary Clinton’s concern for the use of force by the Egyptian military against protesters, it was a barefaced lie.

According to Corporate Watch, a research group supporting the campaigns which are increasingly successful in forcing corporations to back down, California-based Narus, a company that specialises in surveillance technology sold Egypt the technology which enabled the government to monitor Internet and telephone calls as well as block communication.

The article states, “Two days into the Egyptian uprising, the Egyptian security forces arrested a number of dissidents and opposition figures, who were accused of inciting and organising the ‘riots’. It is suspected that the Narus technology may have enabled the Egyptian authorities to monitor their online and mobile phone activities.” (‘Corporate complicity in Egyptian regime’s crimes’,  February 10, 2011)

Note, that the mainstream media reported that the Egyptian government was preventing protesters from using the Internet when they knew full well that American technology was complicit in this crackdown.

The article also stated that the disabling of Internet access, text messages and the mobile phone network could only have been possible with the cooperation of Vodafone and France Telecom.

Clinton also clearly lied about her concern for Egyptian protesters when according to the article many Egyptian and foreign journalists reported the use of US-made tear gas against protesters.

The New US Puppets

So now the democratic process is being handled by the very military which has suppressed the people for over 30 years and in the background the new US and EU puppets have reared their heads as champions of the new democratic order in Egypt. Individuals like Ahmed Zuwail, Nobel prize winner, and and Egyptian American who has advised President Barack Obama. Nagib Suez, a wealthy Cairo businessman, and vice president Omar Suleiman, a man with links to America and who served for years under American orders. A man described as “the head of the brutal secret police.” (Global Research: Shamus Cooke: ‘Who is the Real Opposition in Egypt?’ February 6 2011)

This is the reality of the revolution in Egypt, the old order with new faces claiming to be champions of democracy; and behind the veil the US government and the EU manipulate the revolution of ordinary Egyptian people to suit their design. The revolution for the people is far from over.

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