A ballot result which spells victory for Western imperialism

The mainstream media reported today that the people of Southern Sudan voted to split from North Sudan in a referendum to form their own independent country, hidden from public scrutiny was the fact that the West has been manipulating events to this end in order to divide Sudan and control the oil resources in that region.

Southern Sudan has now been recognised as a new country by the international community after 98.93 percent of the people voted to split from North Sudan. AFP news said, “Western applause for the outcome was swift, with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urging north and south to work quickly on post-referendum arrangements and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton pledging to seek a long-term partnership with the new state.

After 22 years of bitter conflict between the mainly Christian African South and Arab Muslim North which resulted in nearly two million people killed, the mainstream media is portraying this story as a sense of relief and victory for Western efforts to create peace in the region, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The old divide and conquer strategy

What the mainstream media failed to mention about this story is that the West, specifically America has been behind the scenes in this region using the old colonial tricks of divide and conquer for their own benefit.

According to Ali Cordoba (“Energy War: NATO meddling in Sudan to block China”: Global Research: January 23 2009), America has established military bases in Darfur to reign in Sudan. Cordoba said “The main objective of the mission in Darfur and the no-fly zone over the region will be to slowly strangulate Sudan’s economy and render it impossible for the Chinese to exploit Sudan’s oil.”

In his article “Will Sudan be Re-Colonized?”, Stephen Gowans said, “The United States is maneuvering to introduce a UN peacekeeping force into Darfur, as a first step to securing control of the region’s vast supply of oil. US control of Darfur’s petroleum resources would deliver highly profitable investment opportunities to US firms, and scuttle China’s investment in the region, thereby slowing the rise of a strategic competitor whose continued industrial growth depends on secure access to foreign oil.” (Global Research: June 15 2007)

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization, said that America, the EU and Israel were the main players behind the fighting between the people of the mostly African Christian Southern Sudan and the Arab Muslim North. Nazemroaya said:

These outside powers have assisted in the training, financing, and arming of the militias and forces opposed to the Sudanese government within Sudan. They lay the blame squarely on Khartoum’s shoulders for any violence while they themselves fuel conflict in order to move in and control the energy resources of Sudan. The division of Sudan into several states is part of this objective. Support of the JEM, the South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA), and other militias opposed to the Sudanese government by the U.S., the E.U., and Israel has been geared towards achieving the objective of dividing Sudan.” (“The Balkanisation of Sudan: The Redrawing of the Middle East and North Africa”: Global Research: January 16 2011)

Nazemroaya said that America, Israel and the EU have all conspired to break up the Middle East into smaller weak states as a deliberate plan so that they could control the energy resources and keep China at bay as a growing international competitor. Their strategy is also to keep the Arab world divided and North Africa and the Middle East under Western influence.

Nazemroaya also mentions how this strategy is a continuation of the British government’s divide and rule tactics between 1899-46, when they successfully divided Sudan from Egypt which was previously one country before Britain fuelled tensions between the Sudanese and the Egyptians to split them apart, therefore weakening the region.

The split between  between the mainly Christian African South and Arab Muslim North is in effect the realisation of Western divide and conquer tactics.

This vote is a sad day for all people who have resisted Western colonialism for decades.

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