"As per Patrice Lumumba’s 1960 Congo, in 2010 Haiti, the United Nations is mobilized as a deadly tool of repression in the hands of powerful countries that are bent on robbing Haitians of their right to self-governance and democratic rule." Haitian writer and activist Jafrikayiti

Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake on January 11, last year but arguably it was not the earthquake but America, backed by a corrupt United Nations (UN) that has inflicted the most damage on Haiti and Haitians, by installing a puppet government and taking control of the country.

It was not barely two months after the devastating earthquake in Haiti when America and western corporations planned their rape and pillage of Haiti’s resources. (Read Western corporate vultures swoop in to profit from Haiti)

After removing the democratically elected leader of Haiti Jean-Bertrand Aristide, first in 1994 with the help of the CIA and then in February 2004 following a coup linked with the CIA, Aristide told independent reporter and filmmaker Nicolas Rossier, during a two-hour interview that he was forced to resign at gunpoint by members of the US Embassy. He now lives in exile in South Africa and fears for his life if he returns to Haiti. (Jean-Bertrand Aristide and Nicolas Rossier: ZNet: November 18, 2010)

It is not difficult to see why America wanted Aristide out of the way, he was for the Haitian people and refused to sell his country out to US corporations, and for that he was punished, and the people of Haiti was punished by Washington and its terrorist polices. The American government imposed an aid embargo in Haiti in 2000 until 2004. The embargo was put in place to destabilise the government of Aristide, a common weapon of choice for Western powers when they want to remove a leader they do not like. According to Ashley Smith, in his article “Profits Over People in Haiti” (ZNet: November 15, 2010) it was the embargo which led to the conditions for the devastating cholera outbreak, leading to 9,100 people sick and 583 dead in just two two-and-a-half weeks at the time of his report.

According to Smith the country lies in ruins as the big promises made by Western powers have not even been met. Only 2 percent of the rubble has been removed from Port-au-Prince, a meagre 13,000 temporary shelters has been provided, way short of the target. Smith said that nations have only donated 32 percent of the goal for 2010 and 2011, and only 22 percent has been used for Haiti. America has not even donated a single dollar of its $1.15 billion pledge.

The big Western charities and so called non governmental organisations have also made their profit from the suffering of Haitians. Smith quotes Melinda Miles of the Haiti Response Coalition, who told the Associated Press that the large charities had lots of money in their accounts which is not being spent in Haiti. The Red Cross is reported to have spent only a third of the massive $480 million it raised after the quake.

Haitian writer and activist Jafrikayiti promotes a documentary by American investigative journalist Kevin Pina, which reveals UN complicity in helping America occupy and colonise Haiti, titled “We Must Kill the Bandits“. (Watch the video here: http://haitiinformationproject.blogspot.com/2010/11/haiti-we-must-kill-bandits-broadband.html)

The Haiti ordeal teaches us many things, for example the mainstream media can not be trusted to tell the truth and we must seek independent media sources to understand what is happening in the world; secondly Western charities are not what they seem. The famous musicans who held concerts for Haiti raising money and urging governments and the public to act must be held to scrutiny. The truth has to be sought out and we will not find it in governments, the mainstream media or even with musicians holding concerts to raise funds in far off lands. The truth can be a shock to the system, but once it is understood, it is up to each and every one of us to act upon it.

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