The latest WikiLeaks documents proves one thing to citizens of the world, that America’s attempt to promote a new world order based on peace and global democracy is a farce. Spying on other nations and backstabbing is the order of the day just like it was during the Cold War. The WikiLeaks documents tells us that global politics is still based on lies, deceit and distrust.

One of the most significant documents that WikiLeaks revealed deals with the Iraq War Inquiry in Britain. According to Alex Plough, in an article on the WikiLeaks website, the Ministry of Defence influenced the inquiry to protect American interests. (November 30) This revelation contradicts the government’s claim that the inquiry was independent.

The WikiLeaks documents also reveals that the U.S. government was financially supporting organisations and activists in foreign countries. This is a common tactic by the U.S. government to destabilise foreign governments by supporting groups which support U.S. economic interests. It is in effect terrorism.

An example of this is Zimbabwe. Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the MDC and a Western favourite is funded by the British government and the party’s policy advisers has links to the Republican Party in the United States. Is it any surprise that he is a Western ally? Media organisations which criticise President Robert Mugabe are tied to US interests, such as Pambazuka News which is linked to the U.S. Ford Foundation. Groups such as Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA), has support from the US government through Freedom House which is tied to the CIA. (Horace Campbell: Global Research: December 2008)

By exposing the organisations and activists who are funded by America, WikiLeaks has essentially outed potential terrorists working on behalf of the American government. These groups help destabilise foreign countries so that America can control their resources and economy.

Hopefully, this latest WikiLeaks revelations will encourage people all over the world to have a healthy suspicion of their government’s activities at home and abroad. If these documents do not result in a genuine desire by people to change the way government behaves then these leaks will have been in vain.

There is a reason why governments keep secrets from the general public and WikiLeaks has led the way into making people understand why this is the case.

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Due to the WikiLeaks website being temporarily out of service I have provided an alternative file for readers to access the cablegate documents:  cablegate-201012031501


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  1. Hi, you should check out It’s sort of like a crowd sourced collection of arguments for and against Wikileaks. Considering you’re a blogger, i think you’d find it to be an interesting read.

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