The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) have released a summer race attacks report which shows an increasingly unsafe Britain for black and minority ethnic communities, especially Muslims.

According to the IRR report between July and August 2010, alcohol related racist attacks increased, specifically against takeaway workers, those using public transport and Muslims.

In July 2010, 36-year-old Indian tourist Nachattar Singh Bola, was visiting family in Renfrewshire, Scotland, when he was set upon by a group of teenagers who beat him and left him a coma for five weeks before he died. A 16-year-old and a younger male were charged with attempted murder.

In the same month a 15-year-old girl was racially abused and attacked by two other girls at a bus stop in Boston, Lincolnshire. She suffered bruises to her face and eyes.

A Muslim family in Ely, Cambridgeshire were sitting in their garden when their drunken white neighbour racially abused them and told them to ‘go back to their own country‘, whilst threatening them with a baseball bat and bashing in their fence.

Two brothers who were leaving a Mosque in Colne, Lancashire, with their 14-year-old nephew were confronted by a drunken white woman who followed them home shouting racist abuse such as ‘Get out of our country. This is our town‘ and spitting on them.

In August 2010, three men were taken to hospital after an Iranian owned takeaway in Bradford was firebombed at night.

In the same month shopkeeper Amandeep Singh, in Hemsworth, West Yorkshire was racially abused and called an ‘Asian animal‘, the attacker also threatened to rape his mother.

In another incident a man was exposed on a video racially abusing a bus driver and passengers on a Peckham bus, he called a woman a ‘black c**t’, and asked her for a fight before forcing his way off the bus by pushing the doors.

The IRR recorded 34 racist attacks between July and August 2010, many of them alcohol related.

It reveals an ugly image of Britain, an image rarely revealed by the media which portrays Britain as a multicultural society with the occasional racist incident.

In fact in a 2009 report titled “RACIAL VIOLENCE: THE BURIED ISSUE IRR BRIEFING” by Harmit Athwal, Jenny Bourne and Rebecca Wood, the IRR revealed that there has been five race murder per year on average in the UK since the race murder of Stephen Lawrence in April 1993.

The report says, “Our research shows the hideous fact that since Stephen Lawrence’s death in April 1993, eighty-nine people have lost their lives to racial violence – an average of five per year. And this is just the worst aspect of a huge problem which has, far from going away, increased its impact in new areas across the UK.” (p.3)

In an article covering this issue in April 2010 on this website it was argued that the mainstream media had deliberately presented a picture to the public that whites were now the main victims of racist attacks using distorted definitions of racism and distorted figures. Once again the IRR report has proven this trend to be based in lies and deliberate misinformation.

Britain remains a racist society when you look at the real picture and this is the picture that the mainstream government and the media keeps hidden from public scrutiny.

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