Did you know that the supposed ‘Mosque’ which is to be built two blocks from Ground Zero where the 9/11 attacks took place is merely a community centre opened to all members of the community? Did you know  that the Jewish Community Centre of Manhattan helped Muslims organise their plans for the community centre? Did you know that thousands of protestors, including Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, atheists, communists, anarchists and Muslims marched near the site where the Word Trade Centre towers use to stand denouncing hatred against people of any faith and racism? If you do not know these crucial facts it is because you have been following the mainstream media and its lying propaganda machine.

When Pastor Terry Jones, leader of A Protestant church in Gainesville, Florida, vowed that he would burn copies of the Koran on the September 11 remembrance day it became a media story for all the wrong reasons. Instead of exposing Pastor Jones blind hatred towards Islam and Muslims and challenging his views that an Islamic community centre (the media and opponents referred to it as a Mosque) was an insult to the people that died in the 9/11 attacks, the media predictably skirted over these issues. What the public received was a mostly Republican Party spin on the story.

According to Haider Rizvi, in an article titled,  “Thousands Rally for Islamic Centre on 9/11 Anniversary”, on the Inter Press news service (IPS) website (September 12), most of the opponents to the building of the Islamic centre was white and conservative Republicans such as Sarah Palin, Rick Lazio, and Newt Gingrich, who were going to speak at the rally but later pulled out.

Rivzi said “Among others, the anti-Park51 rally was addressed by…far-right Republican leader John Bolton, and Geert Wilders, a conservative politician from the Netherlands who believes that Islam is comparable with fascism.”

This is not really about the victims of September 11, but more about a group of far-right white racists exploiting the deaths of 9/11 for their own political gain.

In an article titled, “If That ‘Mosque’ ISN’T Built, This Is No Longer America”, Michael Moore, political documentary maker and activist mentioned that approximately 5 dozen Muslims died on the day the World Trade Centre was attacked. This rubbishes any attempt by Pastor Jones, the Republicans or any other opponent to try and turn the 9/11 attacks into a white versus brown, Muslim versus Christian rally cry.

Saeed Shabazz, a reporter for the Final Call weekly newspaper told IPS thousands of people came together including Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, atheists, communists, anarchists and Muslims to denounce hatred against people of any faith and racism. He said that more people attended this rally than the anti ‘Mosque’ rally yet the media rarely referred to this or televised it to my knowledge.

In an age where the media is the sole provider of news and information it is vitally important that we all partake in a little bit of investigative journalism from time to time.

The internet has become a unique meeting place of ideas and even opposition to the status quo and it is essential that we all play our part in dissecting news stories and uncovering the truth behind news events.

If you never knew the facts mentioned in this article it is because you have become a junkie to the mainstream media’s lies.

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