The west Yorkshire Police wanted to close down which they managed to do and also disabled our e-mail account. We are pleased to say that the site is now back online and we will be once again spreading the word of racism that exists within the Police.

Below are a list of questions we have put forward for the West Yorkshire Police Authority (WYPA) question time:

Dear Councillor Mark Burns-Williamson,

I had the pleasure to read your article on behalf of WYPA in the Telegraph & Argus of 01.09.2010 headed ‘Call for questions to be submitted for October meeting in Bradford’. I welcome this initiative and I hope it will help encourage transparency, accountability and openness.

I would like to use this opportunity to ask the following questions if I may;

1. Given the huge increase in racially motivated crimes in West Yorkshire, what has the WYPA done, if anything, to investigate, scrutinise, or address these issues, if not why not?

By way of explanation there has been a massive 965% increase in racially motivated crimes in West Yorkshire alone over the last 10 years which 12 times faster than any other part of the country.

2. Does WYPA have any system of independent scrutiny to investigate complaints, if not why not, and if so, does it think that the system is effective?

As part of my research I have spoken to a number of individuals who have expressed concerns that WYPA has not dealt with their complaints effectively.

3. What has WYPA done to address the numerous concerns regarding disproportionate investigations against BME staff as highlighted in the media, and by staff associations and other organisations?

T&A Newspaper Article – Force Stereotyping Ethnic Officers

The Sunday Telegraph – West Yorkshire Police Accused of Racism

BPA and Police Federation Report April 2009

BPA Report 10.02.2010

4. Do you accept that there are areas where police money could have been spent more wisely and more productively?

A member of the public sued West Yorkshire Police for false arrest and he won. WYP paid him compensation as a result. The individual was then falsely arrested again in exactly the same circumstances and he is now suing WYP again.

In another case a police officer was suspended for over 20 months and the criminal case against him collapsed but the officer remained suspended.

5. Given the huge increase in complaints by members of the public against West Yorkshire Police has this not triggered any alarm bells with WYPA, if so, what have they done to investigate and address these issues?

6. What system, if any, does WYPA have in place to investigate complaints against the Professional Standards Department?

7. What has WYPA done, if anything, to investigate corruption within the Professional Standards Department?

8. Given the tragic and untimely death of 31 year old BME Police Sergeant Simon Jenkinson following a PSD investigation what investigations have WYPA actioned, if any, if not why not?

9. As WYPA were aware of disproportionate investigations against BME police officers could Sergeant Jenkinson’s death have been prevented?

10. A number of cases involving BME police officers from West Yorkshire Police have been reported in the media and in each case the trial judge has made adverse comments regarding the prosecutions, what has WYPA done to look at these issues, if anything, if not why not?

11. Is it true that criminal offences committed by white officers of a certain rank are being ignored?

12. Is it true that there are officers within West Yorkshire Police who are members of the Freemasons?

13. Is it true that certain complaints involving fraud against certain organisations affiliated with WYPA are being ignored as WYPA relies upon funding from them?

14. Is it true that certain crimes are misrepresented at divisions i.e. robberies are classed as theft from persons to reduce the figures for robberies, is this acceptable?

15. Given the financial shortfall that WYP faces what has WYPA done to evaluate where the money is being spent and how to make best use of its resources?

16. Given the huge increase in civil actions against WYP, what has WYPA done , if anything, to investigate, evaluate, and address these issues, if not, why not?

17. I have interviewed a number of people across West Yorkshire and my findings have shown that the fear of crime is higher, and the satisfaction of victims of crime is lower, and most people interviewed stated that they had lost trust in the police service, why is this?

18. How can WYPA maintain an effective and efficient police force when clearly there are so many issues which have been ignored?

19. What does WYPA propose to do, if anything, to address these issues?

20. Will WYPA commission a report into these matters, if not, why not?

21. Given the huge mess West Yorkshire Police is in at the moment, is it time for a change and would a Police Commissioner do a better job?

I also had opportunity to watch in horror the TV documentary ‘send in the dogs’ as shown on ITV on 08.09.2010.

A number of concerns arise from this and I would like your thoughts or proposed actions to deal with the issues; PC Lawman was seen handling evidence without gloves – very reckless PC Lawman was seen smelling the drugs he seized and saying “that smells lovely” PC Lawman was seen shouting “get your arses down here, don’t want to be here all bloody night

Other West Yorkshire Police officers were seen with their back to a door and kicking it.

Another officer was seen saying “it’s not my van and he then recklessly drove over a road block showing complete disregard for police property”.

Other police officers were seen saying “he is drunk as a fart”.

Do you consider the above behaviour to be professional?

How do you propose to deal with the unprofessional behaviour displayed by these officers on camera? I have seen comments left by viewers which stated that the program appeared to glorify the violent conduct of these officers.

I hope you will take time to consider the above questions and I look forward to your


I have a similar list of questions, can I ask these at the meeting or do I need to submit them first?

Kindest Regards

David Blair

National Police Racism

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