A new website has been launched today which exposes a disturbing reality of police corruption and racism. It is the first website of its kind and contains details of 18 reported cases, numerous facts, figures and statistics to support the allegations and a story of a victim of police racism never told before along with many related articles.

There is a special case study/research on West Yorkshire Police which highlights serious and disturbing concerns regarding disproportionate investigations against BME officers/staff by the Professional Standards Department falsifying evidence to remove BME officers from office or have them charged or convicted as a means to remove them.

The website exposes a culture of racism and corrupt practices.

The website also portrays the story of a unique award winning black ex-West Yorkshire Police Officer who began his career by serving both Queen and Country at the age of 16 by joining the British Army. Following a successful career in the Army David Blair joined West Yorkshire Police and served his community for 17 years during which he was awarded with Commendations for saving a drowning man and for an investigation which led to the confiscation of an arsenal of guns and ammunition. This officer was falsely arrested when on sick leave having previously raised a grievance for racial discrimination. He attempted to commit suicide by throwing himself of a bridge. West Yorkshire Police did not help him through this difficult time. The Officer was later cleared at Court but was still dismissed by the force after the Professional Standards Department falsified evidence against him.

It takes many years for the police service to create trust and establish relations with ethnic minority communities which it then destroys in seconds by employing unfair practices. With reference to anti-terrorism activity, mistreatment of BME Officers risks being fatally counter-productive if it alienates the very communities whose cooperation the police so desperately needs. In West Yorkshire there has been a 965% increase in racially motivated crimes over the last 10 years which is 12 times faster than any other part of the Country. These figures clearly show the inability and failure of West Yorkshire Police to deal with racially motivated incidents both internally and externally.

The website also exposes how figures are manipulated to disguise the true picture of crimes i.e. robberies are classed as theft from person to reduce the robbery figures and theft from motor vehicles are classed as vehicle interference to reduce the figures for theft from motor vehicles and so on.

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Albert Einstein

National Police Racism has serious concerns that certain convictions may be unsafe due to police impropriety. We are currently investigating a significant amount of cases and civil claims will be brought against the relevant police forces concerned.

National Police Racism also has serious concerns of crimes which are undetected due to police impropriety.

There is growing dissent in respect of the significant mistreatment of BME Officers/Staff and the BME Community by the police service and it is only a matter of time before a precarious situation becomes both unmanageable and volatile. It is therefore vital that these issues are addressed as a matter of urgency.

National Police Racism has deep concerns that a large number of officers from the Professional Standards Department who are responsible for investigating police officers are exceeding their powers, breaking the law, and are in fact committing criminal acts in the process of their investigations. There is no one who investigates the PSD officers and there is no accountability hence the carte blanche attitude by these officers. They behave like criminals and they think they are above the law. They have a free rein to choose whatever course of action they want. They are protected by a corrupt department. This is corruption at the highest level.

This type of behaviour was seen prior to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 hence the large miscarriage of justice cases which came about but today in 2010 the police are operating in pre-PACE times. Professional Standards Department should be called Poor Standards Department.

In West Yorkshire; when analysed against the denominator of ethnic group populations, Asian people are almost twice as likely to be stop searched (1.7) and black people are more than six times (6.6) more likely to be stop searched than a white person.

Historically, the increased likelihood of black persons being stop & searched has shown relatively little fluctuation. Figures since 2005 have consistently shown black people as being 6/7 times more likely to be stop searched than a white person. In general a BME person is almost twice as likely to be stop searched as a white person, a trend that has also remained consistent over time without any action to address the issues.

David Blair




7 thought on “New website exposes police corruption and racism”
  1. I agree that certain elements of the police force are corrupt. A 999 call my daughter made was “lost” and our subsequent trip to the police station following an RTA ignored, allowing the other driver who hit the rear of my vehicle, injuring us both, to have her later complaint dealt with.

    It seems obvious to me that this is as a result of a complaint I made against the Somerset Police a year beforehand – in fact the officer who conducted the investigation into the RTA was overheard loudly gossiping about the matter in the police reception! No matter who you complain to – higher forces, the IPCC – the police appear to be untouchable. As a result of this individual’s dogged determination, including speaking to prosecution witnesses together before the hearing, I was convicted yesterday of careless driving, fined and banned. But I am not going to back down and if it takes me the rest of my life, I will make sure the constabulary start to pull their socks up and not condone police violence, intimidation, harassment and bestowing immunity on certain selected members of the public.

    The police are supposed to act in accordance with PACE – fairly, treating members of the public with respect and taking a neutral approach – none of which I have yet encountered. More worrying still, it was suggested by a third party that he had spoken to “a superintendant” and if I paid £1,000, a previous matter would be forgotten! You can imagine the effect this has had on my family and friends – we no longer trust the police and will safeguard ourselves in alternative ways.

  2. I am already in touch with David Blair, and find the website an inspiration. For many years I thought I was the only one suffering racial discrimination in the West Midlands Police force and yet having viewed the website I see many similar characteristics of victimisation I have suffered which others have and are suffering. The word ‘Police Corruption’ didn’t form overnight – it has been there for along time and it’s about time we say enough is enough and the government and the public stamp it out once and for all.

  3. The corruption is much worse than it seems; The police have the highest number of alleged offences for any single occupation, excluding the unemployed. People need to ‘understand’ why and how so many of them (in the same place) are corrupt.

    After I sacked an employee, ‘they’ arrested me on a Friday, for allegedly grabbing the employee’s breasts – The employee was the 29 year old ex-barmaid daughter of a policeman; all of the questioning and charing officers were from the Father’s office at the Financial affairs department. The trial was fixed so that I had no opportunity to speak – Since I had done nothing, they gave me a 10 year dangerous persons listing so that they could pick me up when they wanted. I am still appealing the case, after 6 years, since the prosecution have indicated that they do not know what was happening in court; a barrister and a Midlands located Judge are to blame. You may read about the case when I win it one day.

  4. I agree with the comments on here and feel sick to the stomach that these Corrupt Scum are in the Police Force and get away with what they do. What hurts more is as someone who wants to be a Police Officer after university graduation, I find myself no longer trusting or respecting the very occupation or the system. I one day wish to be a part of. Peel would turn in his grave if he saw what the Police was becoming.

    However I think we must remember there are always good cops out there who do show the job in a positive light, and hate the corruption as much as we do. So I say this to them do not stay in the dark stand up and fight the corruption remove this infection from the ranks. Do it for the public you serve and help them trust the system that is meant to protect them.

  5. I spent 9 years in the police first 2 years were hard but I kept my head down and worked hard I remember a guy who became a good friend tell me that in my first days on response team other officers did not want to work with me and others would treat me different, I remember my first week on borough the sergeant on the training unit asked if my mum was a mail order bride and then she laughed with the other training staff, I was made to go on solo patrol 4 weeks prior to completing the street duties course which made me feel like I was being made to fail, but again I kept my head down and mouth shut.

    I witnesses racism first hand by officers not by them being verbal towards people of ethnicity but by the way they treated people of ethnicity for e.g. the level of care when reporting a crime compared to the way a white person is treated when reporting a crime. After the 2 years I became quite popular on team but kept the tag line “He’s alright not like the others”.

    When I moved into a squad some years later this is where I saw corrupt practices. As an ethnic minority I would not recommend the police service as a career to other ethnic minorities because you will just be let down eventually. A big change is needed and more ethnic minority officers need to get together and raise this issue, Ive seen individuals raise issues like Race before and they would always be met with the words “Playing the race card”.

    My most memorable moment was when i was investigating a fairness at work case and I spoke to a DC who was a witness with 20+ years service he was black and he began crying hysterically, he told me his 20 years have been hell and Racism was rife, he was being bullied in his office but this has been the case on squads and teams he joined throughout his career, I could not believe what I was seeing because I always looked up to this guy.

  6. Its not just police corruption that’s the problem it’s those that cover-up for them.

    I refer to MPs the IPCC and the police Authorities. We have rock solid signed evidence of police corruption and an investigation is blocked by the IPCC who refuse to correspond with us. Full details on our ‘Brighton Scadal’ site.

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