A good election night for race relations but the BNP still grows in support

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Nick Griffin's election ambitions crushed, but support for the BNP continues to grow

The BNP failed to win a single seat in parliament last night resulting in a good election night for race relations and a terrible night for Nick Griffin and his party who was pushing for their first parliamentary seat, but nevertheless the far-right party still grows in support.

The general election last night dealt a bitter blow to the political aspirations of the British National Party who were pushing for their first parliamentary seat. For the first time Nick Griffin and his party fielded more than 300 candidates in seats all over the country but despite increased media exposure they failed to win a single seat.

Griffin stood as a candidate in the working-class constituency of Barking in east London, hoping he would become the first BNP member of parliament but he failed miserably despite an active campaign.

Griffin won just 6,620 votes out of a turnout of 44,343, Labour’s Margaret Hodge won the seat easily with 24,628 votes, but nevertheless the BNP came third in Barking and beat the Liberal Democrats who only polled 3,789 votes.

In the West Midlands the BNP won 70,907 votes from a turnout of 2,504,400, approximately 2.8 percent of the vote, up 1.2 percent from the last election. In the East Midlands out of a turnout of 2,178,185, the BNP won 66,511 votes, up 2.6 percent from the last election.

Nationally the BNP won 539,841 votes from a voting turnout of 28,160,609, gaining a 1,2 percent growth in support.

With results still to be declared the BNP’s ambitions have been temporarily stalled, however their support still grows and this should be a concern for all who oppose racism.

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