Is Nick Griffin's immigration policy rational and fair?

The British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin said that under his immigration policy non-whites in Britain will be offered £50,000 resettlement grants to leave.

Under the BNP’s immigration policy non-whites will be offered £50,000 to leave Britain says leader Nick Griffin, and he estimated that around 180,000 non-whites would be leaving Britain under this resettlement scheme.

The first point to mention about this story is the fact that whites who have voted the BNP and will vote the BNP in this election can no longer make excuses that they are not racist, Griffin’s agenda is clear. What would also be interesting would be to find out how many white Britons actually agree with the BNP’s resettlement scheme?

Griffin’s immigration policy is a sham for the simple reason while he asks for non-whites to leave Britain yet he has nothing to say about white Britons who live in Jamaica, India, Africa and other former British colonies.

Surely they are immigrants in those countries and should be asked to leave if the BNP want non-whites to leave Britain? This is only a fair exchange.

Immigrants: The backbone of the British economy

Griffin’s policy would cripple the NHS, and other public services where black and minority ethnic workers are mainly concentrated. According to a BBC online report by Caroline Ryan, on Monday 28 April 2003, a nursing leader said that the NHS was in a “race against time” to replace 50,000 nurses in five years.

Dr Beverley Malone, general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said that without an influx of foreign nurses the NHS would literally come to a “standstill”.

According to Working Against Racism, a research partnership made up of teams working closely with the trade unions in Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy and the UK, public transport is largely made up of ethnic minority workers especially Afro-Caribbeans and “…the retail distribution sector in the UK employs large numbers of ethnic minority workers, particularly in London and other urban centres.”

What Griffin is not telling British people is that black and minority ethnic workers (BME) are generally concentrated in low-paid employment. Employment which is frowned upon by whites because of the low pay. This is why the British government invited workers from its former colonies to come to this country in the first place, to plug employment gaps in certain industries.

According to an article by Gaby Hinsliff and Kate Connolly on the Guardian website, on Sunday, April 21 2002, “Nurses lured from overseas to plug gaps in the NHS are being underpaid” and  “exploited”.

Foreign nurses are being exploited by British employers to perform low-paid menial work that no other British worker will do. The very people that keep the NHS on its feet, nurses, carers, cleaners and all types of NHS staff from foreign countries keep British people healthy, look after their elderly and ensure that Britain still has a high standard health service.

What Griffin will not mention is that white British-born health staff are taking lucrative posts overseas in countries like Australia, New Zealand, U.S. and Canada.

A Strategy Unit Report which examined a range of factors influencing labour market achievement of ethnic minority people in March 2003, said that ethnic minorities “are set to account for more than half of the growth in the working-age population over the next decade.” If Griffin wants all non-whites to leave who would he find to fill the job shortages in Britain?

According to the Policy Studies Institute in 1997 half of black men and a third of black women were in relationships with white partners and a fifth of Asian men and 10 percent of Asian women were with white partners. (Cindi John: BBC)

What does Griffin propose to do with the white partners? Not to mention the 10 percent of mixed-race people who make up the British population?

Griffin’s immigration policy is undoubtedly racist and colonial in its premise for what it leaves out. He does not say whether British companies will withdraw from India, Africa or the Caribbean.

His policy to return Britain back to its former glory would actually backfire and bankrupt Britain. Britain needs to exploit African, Indian and Caribbean resources to survive as a world economy. Britain needs non-whites to keep the economy running with an ageing white population.

If Griffin is serious about his repatriation policies and would seriously withdraw British companies and British people from its former colonies then he has no grasp or idea of how Britain became great in the first place. His immigration policy is typically one-way and racist for whites who yearn for the return of the British empire.

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One thought on “BNP offers £50,000 for non-whites to leave Britain”
  1. It simply would not work, and certainly would be political suicide for white Britain. Such a move would compromise international relations on a much wider scale. Much of the British economy revolves around import rather than export, from foreign non-white countries. A party that exclusively is preoccupied with race to the point of neurosis can not be for the good of either whites or non-whites.

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