Former BNP supporter Reverend James Gitau

A black reverend who moved from Kenya to Britain in 1997 was a member of the BNP before he recently defected to the Christian Party indicating a disturbing trend of black religious leaders putting faith before race.

Reverend James Gitau, 63 from West Croydon actually joined the BNP in April and campaigned with Nick Griffin in Barking and Dagenham. It was only because the BNP refused to give him a constituency seat in Croydon that he defected to the Christian Party.

Reverend Gitau was approached by the Christian Party who encouraged him to leave the BNP and join them, despite leaving the BNP however he still gives advice to leader Nick Griffin, urging him to be more racially inclusive. Reverend Gitau even agrees with Griffin that immigration should be controlled, however in his view genuine immigrants should be allowed in the country.

Reverend Gitau said that one of his main reasons for joining the BNP was because it was the only political party which boldly spoke against homosexuality. This was his reason for siding with a party which has a policy that promotes the repatriation of all non-whites to their country of origin.

A party which said that it would ban black churches in white areas (read BNP plan black church ban in white areas) and whose leader Nick Griffin said in a live debate on Revelation TV and Genesis TV that Christianity in his view was more about national pride and history rather than the teachings of Jesus.

Is Reverend Gitau’s opposition to homosexuals so strong that he would side with a party with historic links with Nazism and the celebration of the British empire as well as the African slave trade? Yes, it seems so and he is not the only one.

Early this month Reverend George Hargreaves, leader of the Christian Party said that he would rather a BNP candidate win than Labour who he referred to as anti-Christian.

Reverend Hargreaves said that Labour had forced the Christian church to accept gays, he attacked Labour’s policies as being pro-abortion, promoting gambling, and attacking faith schools and creationism. (Read Unholy alliances: Black reverend backs BNP over labour for religious reasons)

Here are two black religious leaders setting an atrocious example for their congregation and actually encouraging them to vote the BNP and ignore the implications racially that this may bring.

It is an example of black religious leaders placing their faith before race and it should be condemned  not only by their congregation but also every black person.

The black church in America was the backbone of the civil rights movement. When the Ku Klux Klan was torching black churches with men, women and children still inside who would envision that one day black churches would embrace the same groups?

Reverend Gitau and Reverend Hargreaves dishonour the memories and the spirit of the civil rights movement.

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