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The leader of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has rightfully called on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to suspend America for constantly threatening to use nuclear weapons against  his country and other states;  and his bold stance could be a significant opportunity for the non-European world to stand up to western terrorism.

The leader of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called on the IAEA to suspend America after its constant threats to use nuclear weapons against Iran and other states.

Ahmadinejad argued at the two-day nuclear disarmament conference hosted by Tehran that America was the only country to have committed an atomic crime against Japan when they bombed the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing 200,000 people.

Ahmadinejad was particularly angry that in recent months the US government has threatened Iran with a nuclear strike should they continue with their nuclear programme to acquire an alleged nuclear weapon.

He pointed out that the structure of IAEA and Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was undemocratic and called for a fairer body where Latin America, Asia and Africa had the right to veto decisions made by the powerful members such as the US and Europe.

Nuclear deception

The contradictions of the NPT are obvious, five members of this treaty are nuclear powers, they are the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia and China. The irony of this treaty is that while countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America are encouraged not to develop nuclear weapons, countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom reserve the right to use nuclear weapons against their enemies. The NPT effectively leaves non-western countries powerless to defend themselves against imperialist ambitions by the leading world powers. It is arguably a great deception to mislead countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America so that they remain at the mercy of the west.

Just like in the run up to the war in Iraq the mainstream media, the US government and the Pentagon are releasing a string of press releases to build a case for attacking Iran, and just like the war in Iraq, the case they are building is a lie. A lie spun to ensure that the US controls the vast energy resources and strategic locations in that region.

One such lie occurred when the Obama administration along with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced in September 2009 that Iran had a nuclear enrichment facility in the city of Qum, what the media did not tell the public was that Iranians had themselves revealed this. (Kimberley: Global Research: April 2010)

Another aspect of the media’s drive to deceive the public into accepting war with Iran is the fact that the obvious economic interests to the west is left out of reports.

In a Global Research website report on March 18, 2010, Finian Cunningham said, “Critics have long suspected that the real reason for US and other western military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan is to control the Central Asian energy corridor.”

Natural gas is set to become the key fuel resource for the world economy and the Middle East contains the bulk of those resources with Iran being the leading country in that region with the largest gas reserves.

Once again the media is beating the drums of war with lies and unsubstantiated Pentagon sources to gear the public up for an attack on Iran, and once again many people will be duped.

Ahmadinejad rightfully called for America to be suspended from the IAEA, this is unlikely to happen simply because just as with the United Nations international bodies serves the interests of the powerful.

What could be significant however, is if the non-European world support Iran and call for countries like the United States to be held accountable for their crimes. Unfortunately, united action such as this is still a dream.

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  1. We can start this timeline with another incident involving three missing UK Battlefield Nuclear Bombs that were basically ready to use. For many years prior to this sordid deal South Africa had developed nuclear weapons. They had, with the help of Israeli nuclear experts, made a total of 10 nuclear bombs. One was test fired on a moored vessel near to Prince Edward Island well south of South Africa leaving 9 bombs in storage.

    It became clear that white control of South Africa was fast loosing power and that soon a regime change would have to take place. One must also understand that in addition to these nuclear weapons they were also working on Chemical and Biological Weapons both of which were known to both the US and UK governments. However the UN were not informed or even aware of their advancement into producing and testing nuclear weapons. During this period the “Iron Lady” herself ( Margaret Thatcher), was fast loosing popularity and desperately needed some funds in the Tory Coffers. The South African Government were extremely concerned that power in South Africa would soon be handed to the black community and did not want these nuclear weapons to fall into their hands.

    The US still claim to this day that they nothing of the nuclear test, despite the fact that their satellites had pick up a double flash that one normally associates with a nuclear a test. One senior SA Naval Officer did confirm that the test had been carried out and another source confirmed that the US did know. It was also a known fact that the nuclear experts at Los Alamos issued a brief to their own associates (limited distribution). This confirmed that the observation was a nuclear test. The reference for this is Hones, E.W., D.N. Baker, and W.C. Feldman, Evaluation of some geophysical events on 22 September 1979 (for limited distribution only), LA-8672-MS, 1980.

    After discussion with the US and UK governments it was decided to ship the 9 remaining nukes from Pelindaba (the SA nuclear facility) via the Port of Durban directly to Chicago. However, prior to this event taking place it was decided that it may be a good idea for Britain to take 3 of the battlefield nukes and have them on standby for Iraq.

    In 1989, David Cameron, a young politician at the time went down to South Africa with another more technical political figure to discuss how this could be achieved. Sir Kenneth Warren also had his finger in the pie to help bring all this together.

    Those involved were a company called Armscor The South African Arms Trading Company), Astra (A British Arms Company) and the middle man, arms dealer John Bredenkamp. John Major also became part of this shonky deal as did Mark Thatcher and many private investors. What was also unusual about this, under the table covert operation, was the involvement of the British DTI, rather than just the MOD. The money for acquiring these weapons was processed via the MOD but the whole deal was arranged via the DTI for some strange reason! Not normal don’t you think?

    In order to keep this out of Parliament and out of the public domain Maggie Thatcher was asked to sign off these weapons under a special Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) and was shown as metal cylinders and not nuclear bombs. This was done completely under the table and this knowledge was not known to anyone else. The UOR document was signed before she left office in late 1990.

    The next phase was that once the weapons had left South African soil, arrived at destination and physically checked, the British Government would then reimburse ARMSCOR(SA) and Astra(UK) and the middle man, arms dealer John Bredenkemp all at the expense of the British Tax Payer.

    I must also add that around this same time the Thatcher Government was also actively involved in overseeing Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) in both South Africa and at Porton Down, UK. We know that Dr.David Kelly had himself been visiting South Africa on behalf of the British Government regarding the CBW but was also responsible for the safe delivery of the three SA/UK nukes from Durban to Oman. Dr. Kelly also frequently hosted the SA CBW team at Porton Down etc.

    It was Dr. Kelly’s own responsibility to make sure the three nukes were safe for transit and also to receive them in Oman and sign them off, prior to the release of monies. Dr. Kelly had first hand knowledge of this under the table deal and also knew much about the sexed up document “Iraq Dossier that Alistair Campbell had carefully manipulated. Kelly had also been part of the team to check out Iraq regarding the WMD’s. He knew that there was no case for going to war and threatened to become a sort of whistleblower…..that cost him his life and he was assassinated when they knew that he could blow the lid on the whole issue and that this could sink Blair and the Labour Government……as well as incriminating the Tories and David Cameron.

    As I have already discussed in a previous article, a B52 bomber crashed into the sea north of Diego Garcia in February 1991. This aircraft was carrying SRAM Nuclear Missiles (the earlier version of today’s Cruise Missile). These earlier weapons were extremely unstable and in the event of some in flight emergency one would truly have to plan what to do with your lethal cargo load. The B52 could carry around many more of these SRAM’s but we are told there were only three onboard.

    All of this was under the watchful eye of Dick Cheney who was US Secretary of Defense at the time. It became clear that he was in a very serious position, especially when US intelligence believed that the weapons had been recovered (stolen) and then sold by a notorious arms dealer John Bredenkamp. It became apparent that Dick Cheney had not made any attempt to find or recover these weapons until after May of the same year and furthermore had not attempted to report them as missing.

    Stephen P. Dresch, a former American forensic intelligence officer with the CIA had valuable information about Cheney. This was indeed a very serious oversight by Cheney which clearly violated international law. The SRAM’s had W-69 nuclear warheads and it was believed at the time that they were sold to Iran…..This is why intelligence officers are trying to track down Bredenkamp for a “False Flag” BAe deal in order to get him in custody and then try to find out from him who received the missing weapons. It was believed at the time that John Bredenmap received around 8.5 tons of gold for the deal.

    I read an article relating to Dresh’s knowledge of Cheney’s neglect and one other very interesting comment: “Stephen’s full report would show that Dick Cheney in 2002 had a reason for wanting to see the Iraq Dossier sexed-up with the false report on Yellowcake from Niger. Humphry Crum Ewing was political adviser on military and intelligence matters to John Major at No.10 Downing Street at the time and he told recently that even though he had never heard of the event with the B-52 losing the nukes, because of other things that he knew, to him it made complete sense.”

    You may say what has this to do with the New World Order? The answer is simply an awful lot because it’s all part of the “False Flag” and deceit that this organization hands out on a regular basis. They are prepared to do almost anything to achieve their master plan. If this involves selling weapons to your potential enemy, then that is fine! If it involves killing thousands such as 9/11 then that is also ok! If it means telling the world that you are reducing ballistic nuclear weapons when in actual fact you are mass producing smaller nukes and telling the public that these are conventional weapons, then that’s how it goes! If you intentionally sell WMD or CBW to use against someone you don’t like then that is also ok! Finally if you ignore good intelligence advice and still go to war or leak secret or highly confidential information to an ally then that’s the name of the game.

    As an example: Ex-CIA agent says Bush ignored WMD intelligence

    The CIA’s former top official in Europe has revealed that President Bush ignored intelligence that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. The CIA had evidence Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction six months before the 2003 U.S.-led invasion but was ignored by White House intent on ousting Saddam Hussein, a former senior CIA official said according to CBS. The official, Tyler Drumheller, said former CIA Director George Tenet personally told Bush and Vice President Cheney that Iraq’s foreign minister had admitted to U.S. spies that Iraq had no WMD program. Drumheller said the information was ignored. He told 60 Minutes “The policy was set. The war in Iraq was coming and they were looking for intelligence to fit into the policy.”

    Then there was the case when Condoleezza Rice was accused of leaking highly classified military intelligence on Iran to a pro-Israel lobbyist in the same manner that landed a lower-level Pentagon official a 12-year prison sentence. The allegation was in regard to two former lobbyists from AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The lobbyists were charged with receiving and disclosing national defense information.

    Lawyers for the men asked a federal judge to subpoena Rice to testify in order to show that top Bush administration officials approved of disclosing sensitive information to the defendants and that the leaks may have been authorized.

    Then there was the suppression of Israeli War Crimes and a huge list of other Human Rights issue in Palestine that was totally blanked out in the UK regarding shellings, killings, robberies, savage beatings, attacks on schools and infrastructure, home demolitions, kidnappings, the use of sewage as a weapon, and more. Virtually all of these Israeli government, military and settler crimes went unreported.

    Obviously the Goldstone report and many other reports are all now swept under the carpet thanks to AIPAC and their influence in US Congress. The same applies in the UK with the Friends of Israel lobby group handing out huge backhanders in return for favours……yes my friends this is all linked to the bigger picture including the New World Order and the Freemasons etc.

    Just when you think you have heard it all we have “Project Coast” down in South Africa that involved the use of CBW to reduce the black population in Africa…this project was refereed to as being the “Black only Bomb”……we can go back even further when CBW was used in the old Rhodesia with the full support of the British Government. All of this was known to dear Maggie Thatcher (our then Prime Minister), John Major who took over, that young flamboyant politician David Cameron…not forgetting Sir KW and sidekick DW. This knowledge also extended over the pond to the US President, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and so many others of the crooked political elite

    When one links all of this together with the missing nukes and realise that not only did we get it all wrong but we also went to war with the wrong country (if it was ever justified anyway). We are talking here about an extremely serious crime….Tony Blair could fall victim to the special Jail provisions as contained in his Nuclear Explosions Act of 1998. This not only involved all those listed above but also senior members of the British Labour Party who became privy to this information. When one considers that millions have died in Iraq and Afghanistan (without even counting our own coalition forces) as a direct result of their imperialistic greed and deceit is beyond words.

    All these senior political elite are part of the New World Order and it doesn’t stop there……what about the CBW attack on the Iranians and the Kurds…..this know how and the appropriate means to carry out these attacks was masterminded by the US, UK and other EU countries……as I said there is no limit to the level to which they will go………………… can you place a vote to any party that has such dirty washing to hang out?
    Dr.David Kelly was a very brave man but knew too much and paid the ultimate price for caring for his country and for not wanting us to go to war over these lies. There are many other David Kelly’s around with the same information and soon the bubble will burst……the Chilcot Inquiry was an absolute disgrace and a total farce…we should all demand this worthless inquiry to be revisited and for the truth to come out!

    What is so frightening now is the fact that the G3.5, as I call it (US, UK, France and Germany), are again on an advanced war footing with Iran. We have the usual over reactive response from Israel, despite the fact that they themselves will not allow the world to checks their own nuclear activities! They have such powerful military might for a country so small and a nuclear arsenal of WMD’s that continues to grow unchecked. They sit on the sideline crying like a little lamb searching for its mother! All of them together as now trying to rally for support from other nations so as to apply direct pressure on the UN which they control anyway. Obama (The New World Order’s Chosen One) is spreading fear into the hearts of people regarding terrorism and concern about nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands. I have to say that “Nuclear Weapons and CBW have already fallen into the wrong hands, namely – US, UK, EU and Israel!

    Can we say with any sincerity that the world can trust these countries? Could it be that they themselves are the “Axis of Evil”? Does Al Qaeda and any terrorism, on the scale they tell us about, really exist? The answer is simply no…..they have conjured up an imaginary army to justify the creation of a police state in all of their countries and re enforced this with many “False Flag” incidents to shock us all into believing it. Surely even with basic education you do not believe these “New World Monster” that walk the corridors of our governments and organisations such as Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, Council of Americas, Rockafella, Rothchild, Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House London) Reserve Bank of America, The Bank of England, International Banking Fraternity in Wall Street and London, World Bank, IMF and their connections with the very large Oil/Gas and Mining Corporations, Big Pharmaceutical Companies,United Nations, World Health Organisation and those Global Corporations and “Charities” and Foundations linked with the Rockefeller’s. The list is almost endless and never ending.

    Stay tuned for Part 8 that will go into all this sordid activity in much more detail and will also reveal a paper trail of backhanders and donations to party political funds……it is clear that many many people on both sides of the pond have much to answer for and certainly qualifies them for a rather long prison sentence….will we ever see the day?….I think not……unless of course, we the public, nip this in the bud and arrest our respective countries from the hands of these mongrels!

  2. Iran is frequently portrayed as a backward and fanatically fundamentalist tyrannical outpost. As a result of constant repetition, most of us believe that we have a fairly accurate image of Iran. But, do we really?

    Find out

  3. The Progressive Mind » Iran rightfully calls for America to be suspended from IAEA says:

    […] Iran rightfully calls for America to be suspended from IAEA. April 17th, 2010 | Category: Uncategorized | Comments are closed | […]

  4. US has broken the NPT numerous times and wants to ship its nuclear waste to another none NPT country like India.

    Hiroshima/Nagasaki was an infamous act of criminality. Especial if the US punks saw what the first bomb did in Hiroshima they had to do a second?

    Europe should disconnect from the US.

  5. Great article…..but let us not forget about Israel. This country has the audacity to threaten Iran on nearly a daily basis when they are known nuclear power who refuses to open up their country for nuclear inspection.

  6. This article reports the call by Iranian President Ahmadinejad for suspension of the US from the IAEA.

    I strongly support this call and I call on others to be vocal in supporting it also, by any means of public communication available to them.

    To most people who live in countries whose entertainment and news media has been saturated for the past 60 years with American propaganda this seems absurd. It is high time that we in the west grew up and examined the reality of this propaganda: the anguished moralising over trivia, the simplistic reduction of the world to good guys and bad guys – usually blacks or foreigners, the endless repetition of an Americanised version of history with the complete absence of any truth about ongoing violations of international law by the US and its interventions from Vietnam to Chile by a country that has been almost continually at war for over 100 years, all of this adulterated with a mind-numbing dose of mentally stultifying childishness from I Love Lucy to Friends and Days of Our Lives.

    The consequence of this is a war OF terrorism masquerading as a “war on terror” that has given rise to the daily murder of innocent civilians (ordinary people living ordinary lives just like you and me) by people armed with barbaric weapons and indoctrinated with a psychopathic, racist, computer-game mentality that trivialises the value of human life and dehumanises the “enemy” – entirely supported by a deluded masses obsessed with consumerism and an illusion of security offered by “the world police”.

    Ahmedinejad’s call presents an excellent opportunity to see through all this nonsense and set us all on a course to the better world we all talk about. That better world will depend on reforming, empowering and re-envigourating international organisations like the UN and the IAEA, prosecuting war criminals and enforcing requirements of treaties for non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

    Whatever we may think of Ahmadinejad or the political affairs of Iran (and remember that our opinions have been largely shaped by the media owned by the people who imposed on that country one of the most sinister, cruel and oppressive dictatorships of modern history – that of Shah Phalvi, overthrown in 1979) we can examine the substance of his call in it’s own right.

    The facts on which it is based are indisputable.

    The injustices outlined in the present state of affairs is self-evident. (Where Ahmadinejad diplomatically uses the word “arguably” in his statement that “It is arguably a great deception to mislead countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America so that they remain at the mercy of the west” he could quite reasonably have used the word “obviously”).

    The repeating pattern that he refers to of lies and propaganda in preparation for a resource war from Afghanistan to Iraq and now to Iran is one that we cannot deny and should be ashamed to think that our governments think us so collectively stupid that it could be repeated.

    The reforms that he proposes and the benefits they offer to world justice and peace are pure common sense.

    I sincerely hope you will join me in supporting this call.


    Allen L. Jasson

  7. Hi Allen,

    I wholeheartedly support your motion.

    I would just like to point out that it was not Ahmadinejad, but myself who said “It is arguably a great deception to mislead countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America so that they remain at the mercy of the west”, and I agree with you that I could have used the word obviously, but for arguments sake I chose not to.

    I do hope that people like ourselves can make a difference.

  8. Thank you Mark.
    Apologies for the error, as I’m sure you can see I blurred the paraphrase and the comment. There is a lot happening at the moment – in this upside-down world run by psychopaths – and it’s very difficult to prioritise or respond to everything important in a fully coherent manner.
    But we do the best we can.
    Keep up the good work!

  9. There are actually less white people then indian or asian people on the planet, I understand that white people are evil, but to exclude them constantly under the guise of ‘minority/majority’ is getting a bit tiresome.

    Referring to your picture of your target audience, the native american indians and white peoples have been excluded. Unusual and subtle form of racism, to exclude a group on the basis of imagined majority, reverse racism I believe it is called now-days.

    To understand what you have done; how would a ‘whites-only’ website go down with most people. Not good huh, this is not a good thing to do.

    Not related to the article above, which I agree with 100%, no american is a minority they terrorise the world.

  10. Hi,

    This website is actually aimed at black and minority ethnic people in the Midlands, UK, therefore the picture on the website is merely a general reflection of that makeup.

    The mainstream media is dominated by the European view of the world therefore if anything this website is a democratic choice for non-whites to participate in a news service which reflects their needs and beliefs.

    Despite the website’s ethos though progressive whites are welcomed to contribute to this website. Already, I have quoted progessive white writers such as Mark Curtis, a former research fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs and author of the book, “Web of deceit: Britain’s Real Role in the World”; and British journalist John Pilger, among many other white writers who I have cited in my articles. The idea that this website could be deemed ‘racist’ therefore is inaccurate and a gross misuse of the original historical definition.

    If anything, websites which cater for non-whites, women or disabled people are a testament that as a whole inequality exists and groups in society feel marginalised by the mainstream media.

    I do hope that this clears up any misconceptions.

  11. No it does not.

    The definition of racism is to make an assumption about a person based on their race, regardless of your own race (any race can be racist, your assertion that the term historically means white against ‘x’ race is incorrect to say the least).

    You have assumed that the European media that marginalizes you is white. White people may be employed in this area but it is not a white phenomenon, I am sure spanish news readers dominate the spanish media, and spanish people are largely of spanish ancestry.

    Once again it is not a white phenomenon. Russian people are poor and white, you have imagined a white empire that oppresses you, yet you never look around, many of the people standing with you are white.

    Many white people feel marginalized by the same media.

    Inclusion always trumps exclusion. Love always defeats fear, you can rationalise all you want but you are fundamentally wrong. I hope you will change your site to welcome all people openly, because you know it might be titilating to talk to other minorities in your area, but how can you be a minority if you include everyone.

    It is like how people identify with brands or nationality, it doesn’t mean anything, but to feel apart of something, even a minority, makes people feel unique and important.

  12. Hi,

    The definition of racism has unfortunately been defined by the very people who perpetrated it which is as ludicrous as men defining sexism for women or Nazis defining anti semitism. I already mentioned that certain groups in society feel marginalised by the mainstream media, hence why specialist news services are formed to cater for their interests.

    It is not an assumption that the mainstream media is European, for example Rupert Murdoch who owns the News of the World, The Sun as well as the broadsheet The Times and Sunday Times, and satellite broadcasting network BSkyB; Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, The Evening Standard, Ireland on Sunday, and free London daily Metro, a large proportion of regional media, in addition to large shares in ITN and GCap Media.

    To my knowledge the mainstream media in the west is owned and managed by Europeans unless of course you have evidence to the contrary? Therefore it is only natural that the news will reflect the views and interests of those who own it.

    I noticed that you have failed to acknowledge my inclusion of white progressive writers and my invitation for progressive writers to take part in this news service so I disagree with your view about the alleged bias of this news service.

    Yes, there are many poor whites who are oppressed and I invite them to read the news stories on this website and learn about why the world is in such a state.

    Sadly, exclusion is still a reality for many black and ethnic minority communities in the UK and all over the western world in general therefore websites like this are essential.

    This is my final response on this issue.

  13. Fine, you are an unashamed racist. You have become what you hate. Love is the truth, you are wrong. My last comment on your stubbornness.

  14. USA and Israel are the biggest threat to the world and mankind, they got the power, they got the weapons and they reject rules constantly. Dont buy their lies about Iran.

  15. When ALL the disempowered people of the world put race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation and other trivial matters aside they will have POWER and THAT is all that will make any difference.

  16. Trbrgb I think you are a wolf in sheep clothing! I don’t really think that your intentions are honourable but devilish. It is painfully boring and unintelligent rambling on about the nature of this website when we have:

    Muslim schools
    Jewish Lobby
    Catholic schools
    Women’s driving school etc..

    This website is not racist but serves to provide impartial news of interest to ethnic groups when the main stream media caters for European only. As a progressive white male I think that this website is very fair and generous in its view and presentation.

    It would be interesting to see whether you attack sites such as:

    National front

    as readily as you do this one? Maybe we need to see you as you really are my dear friend? Maybe you have a conflict of interest here and thus are becoming confused?

  17. I see Tony Blair is warning the Arab leaders about the so-called ‘Arab Spring’. He goes on about this and he goes on about that but not a word about what many feel is the real issue; the value of the dollar. For any who don’t know, Hussein was interested in abandoning the petrodollar and demanding that Iraq’s oil be purchased only in Euros, raising the value of the Euro and lowering the value of the dollar. Ghaddafi went one better, proposing that he and other African countries create a new currency, the ‘gold dinar’, and insist that their oil be purchased using only those, thus potentially not so much threatening to lower the value of the dollar as its complete destruction. America’s poodle Tony Blair was happy enough to pack British people off to die in Iraq to defend the American dollar, yet curiously there’s not a word about this I can see in his new book, ‘The Journey’. How strange.

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