The United States of Africa: Is this the future of the continent?

After decades of hard-fought independence struggles in Africa America is now planning to re-colonise the entire continent as part of its new military strategy called AFRICOM, ensuring that vital African resources such as oil, gold, precious stones, natural gas and petroleum is exploited for their interests.

Against the background leading up to the illegal invasion of Iraq to secure the oil fields American planners have been seeking new ways of extending their sphere of control around the world, in particularly they have been seeking less volatile regions from which to extract their energy needs and Africa is the continent in which they are now turning towards.

AFRICOM began full operations in October 2008, at a public ceremony by the Pentagon and its aims is summed up by Republican Ed Royce, one of the US politicians that champions this new military strategy who said, “Africa’s emerging potential as a major oil producer and supplier to the United States, has been of interest to the Sub-Committee on Africa that I’ve chaired for some time. The sub-committee held a hearing to look at this topic in 2000. It’s clearly in our national interest to diversify our energy supply, especially given the turbulent political climate in key parts of the world today. The expansion of energy production in Africa matches to that interest…” (Global Research: March 2010)

A Reuters dispatch summed up the aim of AFRICOM even further stating, “The stakes are rising. We’ve got companies, beyond gold exploration [Mali is Africa’s third largest gold producer], wanting to explore for oil in northern Mali”, and “There has been significant interest by investors wanting to explore for oil in Timbuktu (and other northern towns)… If oil is eventually discovered, that could of course play a role.” (Rozoff: Global Research: October 2009)

AFRICOM’s mission is to secure African resources for American interests, it is basically a re-colonisation of Africa through military force backed by corrupt African regimes.

According to the Global Research report in March 2010, AFRICOM is involved in almost 38 African countries training local forces to protect the corrupt regimes which America relies on for access to these resources.

According to Itai Muchena in an article on the Global Research website (April 2010) AFRICOM has been resisted by African leaders such as “President Mugabe, Hosni Mubarak, Omar al-Bashir, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.. Jacob Zuma, Bingu waMutharika and Rupiyah Banda…”.

Whether America will get its way in Africa remains to be seen. What is surprising about investigative stories such as this is that  many people of African descent in the west seem to be indifferent to the continuing imperialism of Europeans in the African continent. There are no protests, no organised resistance to defend the freedom of the motherland.

Such collective historical amnesia among the diaspora generation in the west is a disgrace and inexcusable.

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