Dizzee Rascal would be bonkers to play James Bond

In the Belfast Telegraph today Grime music artist Dizzee Rascal came top in a poll to be the first black James Bond with 67 percent of the vote, however the Bond character is far from heroic and would be considered a terrorist by many people in the non-European world; Rascal would have to be bonkers to play such a role.

Second-hand items listings website Preloved.co.uk., carried out a poll to determine who would be the favourite non-white male to play James Bond. Grime artist Dizzee Rascal surprisingly beat film star Will Smith with 67 percent of people polled opting for him to play the role, while Smith himself received 65 percent of the vote.

Also named in the poll was US president Barack Obama, Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton and and rapper Jay-Z.

While many people are caught up in the euphoric Obama wave at this time without proper analysis of what he represents, some people from black and minority ethnic communities may not understand what the character James Bond actually does for a living.

Mark Curtis is a former research fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs and author of the book, “Web of deceit: Britain’s Real Role in the World”, published by Vintage in 2003.

In this book Curtis uncovers the real activities of Britain’s secret services in the 1950s to present, including targeting leaders in the Middle East and Africa for assassination simply because they wanted to use their resources to develop their own country rather than British economic interests.

Egyptian president Nasser, a nationalist who was seen as a threat to British economic interests was targeted by MI6 for assassination. They injecting poison into chocolates destined for Nasser but it failed. Other options considered included nerve gas, an SAS hit squad and firing a poison dart.

Indonesian president Sukarno in the 1950s and Ugandan president Milton Obote in 1969 were both targeted for assassination by the British Secret Services for merely trying to develop their own country for their own people.

These criminal activities by the British Secret Service are still being carried out today to destabilise governments that are seen as economic threats to British corporate interests.

Curtis said, “Britain is one of the leading supporters of terrorism in the world today.” (Page 94) He exposes Britain’s relationship with dictators and brutal regimes in the Middle East and Africa, and how the role of the Secret Service is to ensure that real democracy does not appear in those regions as long as British corporate interests are served.

James Bond is not the heroic figure portrayed in the films or the books and for many people in Africa, the Middle East and other parts of the world he would be considered a terrorist, and an enemy of everything that British former colonies and the black civil rights movement fought against.

A black Bond would be a betrayal to the historical civil rights movement, and to struggles against western imperialism all over the world; Dizzee Rascal or any other non-white individual would be bonkers to play such a role.

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Curtis, M. (2003) Web of deceit: Britain’s Real Role in the World: Vintage.


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  1. Thanks for the article but this seem to be the modi operandi in all non-white nations. It has been used for a long time (destroying african-americans businesses and taking their lands and houses) and is being used in every continent today. I, personally, believe that they have been working on getting non-whites’ status to that of involuntary slavery where they will depend on food from the colonial master when most of their resources have been squandered or they are so indebted to them that their lands are theirs no-more. Every non-whites need to turn off their TVs and find out what is going on so that their plans are not brought into fruition. If you ask most people of color in any continent, most will agree that Gadaffi was a bad man based on the propaganda used to destroy him. This is really scary…

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