White terrorist, Eugene Terreblanche

Black South Africans, people of African descent all over the world and anyone who is against injustice will be celebrating the death of white terrorist and supremacist Eugene Terreblanche, for black South Africans his death results in one less white terrorist.

On Sunday, April 4, news reports surfaced that white supramacist Eugene Terreblanche was allegedly murdered by two black farm workers.

Terreblanche was the leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), which opposed any rights for the black South African majority and wanted a separate Afrikaner republic for whites.

Terreblanche’s terrorism against black South Africans

Terreblanche had a history of terrorism against black South Africans. The AWB proudly displayed the Nazi swastika image as part of their symbol and Terreblanche threatened civil war when Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress was handed power and he followed through.

In 1994 Terreblanche and a truck-load of white farmers tried to enter Bophuthatswana, an independent black homeland for Tswana-speaking people, they threw grenades and shot to death many innocent black South African civilians.

In June 2001, he was sentenced to six years imprisonment for a brutal  racist assault on petrol station worker John Ndzima, who he set his dog upon, and also the vicious racist attack on security guard Paul Motshabi, who worked on his farm in 1996. Motshabi suffered brain damage after the attack and is now permanently disabled.

The media’s double standards on white terrorism

Following Terreblanche’s death the mainstream media seem to be oddly detached and objective choosing instead to concentrate on the racial tensions his death could cause.

The BBC’s headline was “Race hate lives on in ‘rainbow nation‘”, (6 April) choosing to focus on the racial hatred which still exists between black South Africans and whites. Ignoring the history of white rule and terrorism against black South Africans the BBC story gives the impression that whites in South Africa are victims which is clearly not the case.

Sky News went one step further with the confusing title “Anger At Court Over Slain White Power Leader” (6 April), surely the term ‘white power’ is a contradiction as whites have had the power in South Africa for a long time and arguably still do economically and in terms of land ownership. Why did Sky News choose to use this term? Was it a form of sympathy for Terreblanche and his ideals? One can only speculate.

One thing that does not call for speculation is the fact that if Terreblanche was a Muslim militant, killed by whites the media would most likely justify the killing of a ‘terrorist’ and call for leniency for the perpetrators. Sky News certainly would not title their story ‘Anger At Court over Slain Muslim Power Leader’, and the BBC would certainly not speak about the hatred of both sides.

Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair told the Iraq War Inquiry in January 2010, that the world was safer without Saddam Hussein. The media broadly agreed with these principles, therefore it is justified for black South Africans and people of African descent all over the world to celebrate the death of the white terrorist Eugene Terreblanche and to say that the African world is a better place without him.

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6 thought on “One less white terrorist: The death of Eugene Terreblanche”
  1. I would kindly request that before you place accusations of racism you first research the guy correctly. The AWB did not enter Bop on their own but where requested to assist the then bophuthatswana government. They where in fact asked for assistance as this the Bophuthatswana government did not want to be part of the Republic of South Africa. As for the truck load of white farmers, you really need to check carefully, they entered in a convoy of civilian cars and a few smaller “bakkies” or light delivery vehicles.They did not kill hundreds of Civilians as you say but protected the black leaders of the country. NO rampant shooting was done besides wen they where leaving the country when they blacks shot and killed unarmed AWB members. I do not in anyway support the AWB or their beliefs but cannot allow someone who seems ill informed from not stating the actual facts. The AWB does not promote racism as it is reported in the UK papers but supports the right to exist as an Afrikaner Nation. Terreblanch had remained quiet and had not perpetuated murder or terrorism. What the british people need to understand is that as with any minority in any country there are people calling for their rights. before you judge and decide to speculate please come to South Africa and see for yourself. Take a moment to speak to both black and white members of the community and get a decent understanding of what is actually going on here. go have a look at how many white farmers and highly educated experiances artisans have been murdered. Spend a day in a South African court to hear the lies told by the murderers. I have been there, attacked in my car and my car stolen. The black attackers aged 13 and 17 had AK47’s. In court they attempted to say I had attacked them. Please explain how does an unarmed man attack two AK47 wielding black teens when sitting in his car outside a shopping mall? No dude, murder is murder,as for it being a wage dispute that lead to his death, cmon, do we all go an kill our boss when we have wage issues. No we dont, there are many legal aspects that can be used to get your money easily in this Country. Surely you as a black person gets a lot of flak in the UK which has open Neo nazi organisations and violent teenagers. Thats what we are told here. is it true, well I keep an open mind and listen to both sides of the story.

  2. Hi Gary.

    Let me correct you on some of your points. The AWB did not enter Bophuthatawana to defend the rights of Black South Africans they entered to maintain the state of Apartheid in which Black South Africans was forced to live under through violent terrorism.

    The AWB wanted an independent homeland for their followers, may I remind you that South Africa is not their land or country, their original land is Holland, Germany and France from which their ancestry originates.

    They threatened civil war when Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress was handed power which clearly indicates that they are racists of the colonial era; as well as their symbol which resembles the Nazi emblem.

    It was recorded by photojournalists and television crews that the AWB were firing indiscriminately upon innocent civilians and throwing grenades into the crowd. The source from which I obtained this information was Viv Smith from the Socialist Worker who has lived in South Africa most of her life and was corroborated by other sources such as the Truth and Reconciliation Comission and the Tebbut Commission where up to 60 people were reported to have been killed by the invading AWB militia.

    As for whites being a minority in South Africa, let me remind you that you are immigrants by empire, not native Africans, nor can you speak of rights when your people denied black South Africans their rights for centuries.

    It is unfortunate that you have been the alleged victim of violence and I ask you to reflect on the root of that violence, the fact that you forcibly occupied and stole a country from the majority population through terrorist violence. Of course there will be repercussions.

    So in conclusion I did look at both sides may I suggest that you do the same sir?

  3. Its funny, are you not also a minority in the UK? Who are you to say whites invaded South Africa? The AWB was invited into BOP and had nothing to do with Apartheid. The press enjoyed taking things about South Africa out of proportion.

    As a minority in a predomanantly white country, what are you doing there? Are you not happy with the country of your birth? Oh I forget, most blacks and other minorities come to white countries to get better lives and to escape persecution from their own kind in their own countries.

    In South Africa over 3000 farmers have been killed for their land. Hacked to death with pangas and glass bottles. Their crops destroyed and the female children raped. Male children are cut up for traditional medications while still alive. Black on Black rape and child abuse is very high. This is believed to cure Aids. Does your British press report on these. Does the British press also report on how many Black babies are dumped in the sewers in preoria each year and who are adopted and cared for by whites?

    Living in this country and being a very proud South African it kills me to see how black youth scream about apartheid when they have had democracy even before they where born. They rape old people, both black and white, cut off their breasts or vaginas and blame apartheid. No dude, there is a difference between a civilised method of solving a problem and then there is the way that some blame on Apartheid. I believe all South Africans white and black can and will live in harmony regardless of what people like you have to say.

  4. Sorry one more thing, if you believe whites do not belong here, then you must also believe that Indians, blacks, Pakistanis ( excuse my spelling) and other minorities do not belong in the UK, USA Europe and Austrailia. Also, Americans should all go back to Europe. Blacks should go back to Africa and everyone should stay where they came from. No, its not about people like Eugene Tereblanch and Julias Malema who create problems, its about co-operation and respecting one anothers culture. This is what South Africa is. A land where millions of people try to live day to day while creating a strong free society. Minorities like myself have the right to be here as much as you have the right to be there. Its how we deal with each other that makes a difference.

  5. Hi Gary,

    Once again I emphasise that the AWB was a white supremacist group dedicated to maintaining the Apartheid system by terrorist violence. Its founder Eugene Terreblanche was recorded in speeches threatening bloody violence before he would accept Nelson Mandela and the ANC government as well as equality for South Africa’s original black population. This is racism.

    You have gone completely off the topic and mentioned an irrelevant point about ethnic minorities in Britain who were invited initially by the British government to fill employment shortages after World War II. What has this got to do with whites in South Africa who stole the land and occupied it for centuries by using terrorism and violence?

    In regards to why many non-whites come to Britain, I suggest you read this article: http://www.minorityperspective.co.uk/2010/03/29/how-immigration-in-the-uk-is-linked-to-corrupt-british-foreign-policy-overseas/ You will find that British foreign policy as well as the policy of other European nations is responsible for immigration and asylum seekers. It can be easily deduced from this article that the reason why many non-whites come to Europe and America is because European governments are ravaging the resources of the very countries that these minorities are from, forcing them to flee their country and preventing these countries from developing whereby the population would not need to work or live in European countries.

    As for the rape and child abuse you mention, again I have to ask what was the context in relation to this debate or the article? If you are suggesting that rape and child abuse is a specifically African trait then it not only reveals the racist ideology behind your statements, but it also contradicts your last statement about respecting cultures and living in harmony.

    As for where Indians, Pakistanis, Africans and other minorities should live, might I remind you that there is a difference between natural migration and occupation by terrorist violence which is how whites in South Africa, and the rest of Africa, as well as Australia and America has come to live in those countries, therefore you do not have a right to live in any of these countries.

    You cannot take over a person’s house and property by violence and terror and then expect that person’s descendents to live in harmony with you when you still own their property by criminal purposes.

  6. Gary opined on April 8th at 2.04pm

    “The AWB was invited into BOP and had nothing to do with Apartheid.”

    That’s funny because the non-existent country of Bophuthatswana was a “Bantustan” set up by the Apartheid regime to deny indigenous peoples citizenship of South Africa, so the claim is palpably false.

    Hardly worth reading posts from someone who clearly doesn’t understand the situation…..

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