Tantra is reportedly becoming quite popular in North America and Europe and Hindus are strongly critical of such self-styled “tantrics” who apparently think and describe of Tantra as just sex.

Acclaimed Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that Tantrism was a major channel in Indian religious traditions and besides Hinduism, it also exerted considerable influence on Buddhism and Jainism. Sankaracharya had mentioned the names of 64 Tantras.

Rajan Zed, who is president of Universal Society of Hinduism, pointed out that Tantra, a method of spiritual self-culture, was divine revelation whose history went back to fourth century. Tantra was a conscious approach to self-discovery which directed the seeker to prepare mind and body to the level where it could withstand any turbulence, both inner as well as outer.

Tantras noted three unique states of sadhana (spiritual endeavor)—purification, illumination, and unification.

Various Tantra establishments in the West are now offering workshops/tools/sessions/retreats for “evoking divine passion”, “discovering fabulous inner lover”, “conscious sensuality”, “sexually fulfilling lifestyles”, “ancient spiritual arts of intimacy”, “expanding contact with inner lover”, “sensual awakening ceremonies”, “reclaiming sacred sexuality”, “sacred evenings for lovers”, “lesbian Tantra”, “merging sex, heart, and spirit”, “romantic alternate breath”, etc.

One such “Tantra Temple” offers “yogic techniques to greatly enhance your self-esteem as lovers” in Hawaii, California and New York and claims to make your lovemaking “a meditation in motion”. A Tantra institute in Germany organises Tantra retreats and provides comprehensive information about “female ecstasy”. Another offers “Tropical Tantra vacation retreats” (in Mexico, Costa Rica, and on cruises). One such establishment in California is for “women only”, while another welcomes “participants of all sexual preferences”. Private tantra lessons and “Certified” tantric healers are also available, according to reports.


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