One of many BNP posters that was targeted at white Christians during the local and European elections last year

The BNP plans to ban black churches in white areas if they win election seats according to its leader Nick Griffin on Revelation TV last night.

In a live debate on Revelation TV and Genesis TV last night black pastor Reverend George Hargreaves and BNP leader Nick Griffin debated on the motion that the election of any BNP MP or leader of a Local Authority will be damaging to black and minority ethnic churches and the wider church in general.

Griffin made it clear that in BNP controlled local authorities black churches would not be allowed or given funding in areas which historically has a white majority, and they would have to worship in areas deemed appropriate by a white political leadership. (Christian Today: 23 March)

Mr Griffin said that Christianity in his view was more about national pride and history rather than the teachings of Jesus.

Reverend Hargreaves pointed out that Griffin’s beliefs is against the teachings of Jesus and church principles and warned that the BNP planned to cut funding for any organisation which promoted multiculturalism.

Despite the passion of Reverend Hargreaves, Griffin has raised an important issue. How many white Christians perceive their faith as more of a national pride and historical heritage rather than one based on the teachings of Jesus?

With the British church’s history of racism it is not surprising that Griffin feels bold enough to target white Christians during elections. From this viewpoint Reverend Hargreaves’s argument that Griffin’s interpretation of Christianity is not line with church teachings or that of Jesus is irrelevant. The early Christian church in Britain resembles the views of Griffin more than it does the views of Reverend Hargreaves and this will arguably become a problem for black and minority ethnic Christians should this issue gather more momentum in the public forum.

If Reverend Hargreaves is correct that Griffin’s views are against church doctrine  these days then the question must be asked whether  churches will ban members of their congregation from BNP membership or association? This question will address how far the Christian church has come in Britain from its colonial legacy.

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