Is the British media obsessed with black and white relationships?

On the Daily Mirror website today a story about a former BNP supporter who fell for a Jamaican woman was described as “amazing”, what is truly amazing however is the celebration of this story. Would they have done so if a white woman had fallen for a former terrorist?

The double standards of the media is such that not only do they promote interracial mixing between blacks and whites with a passion they find it ‘amazing’ when a former racist bigot claims to fall for a Jamaican woman.

If an Israeli woman had fallen for a former Palestinian militant or German Nazi sympathiser it has to be asked whether newspapers such as the Daily Mirror would cover it with such passion and call it amazing? If a white British woman had fallen for an ex member of al -Qaeda would the story be called amazing? It is very doubtful.

In the story Pete describes how he joined the BNP in his late teens during the 80s where he became an activist for the far-right party delivering leaflets and eventually becoming regional organiser.

In 2005 when he became manager at Royal Mail in the Northampton depot, he met Kaye, a Jamaican woman who worked part-time and fell for her. Oddly, for a man who was with the BNP for years Pete says that he found Kaye attractive, they began talking and just got on as individuals. After about six months Pete gave up his BNP membership as it came in conflict with his relationship, Kaye moved in with him in October 2006 and they had their first child who they named Ruby in May 2008. Pete has a 20 year-old daughter from a previous relationship and Kaye has two daughters from a previous relationship, an 11 year-old who now lives with them and a 16 year-old daughter from Jamaica who Pete is helping her to bring to this country.

The story is told from Kaye’s perspective as well who said that she liked Pete from when she met him. She said that they became close and she fell for him.

Kaye was told about Pete’s association with the BNP and claimed that she never knew what it meant. However, what was disturbing is that  even when she did know she was not worried that it would stop her and Pete from getting together because they had a connection straight away she says. Does this mean that Pete did not have to give up his BNP membership? It is debatable but clearly worrying.

She said that Pete is ‘the one’ and that she could not picture him as a racist as he was a lovely in her eyes.

After reading this story there are many unanswered questions such as did Kaye knew that Pete was a racist and still pursued the relationship anyway? How did Pete come to find black women attractive as a BNP activist for years? In fact Pete mentions how there are some beautiful black women out there but he never thought of marrying one until he met Kaye. Does this make sense? No, but the Daily Mirror found this story amazing.

Imagine if Kaye was a white female and Pete was a former Muslim militant would her dismissive attitude about his past be accepted? Very unlikely.

There is nothing amazing about this story apart from the fact that the media is so obsessed with black and white relationships that they will publish stories which leaves the reader with more questions than answers.

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