Rajinder Singh joined the BNP to fight Muslims

When the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) decided to take the British National Party (BNP) to court over its ‘whites only’ policy last year, it was as if they believed that something would be gained in race relations by forcing the BNP to comply with the Race Relations Act, when it has actually turned the BNP into a more dangerous political party.

When the EHRC decided to take on the BNP and supposedly damage them from within by challenging their ‘whites only’ policy under the Race Relations Act, some commentators saw this as a postive step towards weakening the BNP which has been steadily gathering support and political clout for a few months now. The question that has to be asked is whether this is the case?

The BNP did comply with the court’s ruling when its members for the first time in its party’s history voted to include non whites into their party. Did it weaken them? Arguably not.

The first non white recruit the BNP gained was Rajinder Singh, a Sikh in his late 70s with a vehement hatred towards Muslims and  who described Islam as a “beast.” (Quinn & Taylor: Independent: 20 November, 2009)

Rajinder came to the defence of Nick Griffin twice during his court appearances, has spoken at BNP meetings and writes a regular column in the party’s Freedom newspaper. He is specifically attracted to the BNP’s anti Islam message.

Yet it was quite clear that all the EHRC did was turn the BNP into arguably a more dangerous political party than they were becoming already. With the support of non whites the BNP’s racist message will be seen as legitimate in the eyes of whites who were sympathetic towards their views but afraid to join the party for fear of being labelled racists.

The EHRC has arguably provided the BNP the next step in their political evolution and this point is is demonstrated by Martin Wingfield, the BNP’s communications and campaigns officer, who wrote on the BNP website “I say adapt and survive and give the brave and loyal Rajinder Singh the honour of becoming the first ethnic minority member of the BNP.”(Quinn & Taylor: Independent: 20 November, 2009)

Another BNP party spokesperson summed up the dangers of what the EHRC has done by saying, “He is perhaps the kind of immigrant you want if you are going to have them.” (Quinn & Taylor: Independent: 20 November, 2009)

What type of immigrant is that we may ask? The answer is simple, the type of immigrant who is so consumed with his hatred for another ethnic group that he is too blind to see that the BNP is using him to incite inter-ethnic divisions, commonly referred to as the old divide and conquer rule.

The BNP have targeted Sikhs and Hindus in areas where there are tensions between those groups and Muslims and have even used Rajinder to recruit these groups to oppose Muslims.

One has to wonder whether Rajinder has read the BNP’s immigration policy which clearly states that they will offer money to all non whites to return to their country of origin? This includes Rajinder. On the website the BNP also states, “We want Britain to remain – or return to – the way it has traditionally been. We accept that Britain always will have ethnic minorities and have no problem with this as long as they remain minorities and do not change nor seek to change the fundamental culture and identity of the indigenous peoples of the British Isles.” http://bnp.org.uk/policies/immigration/

Has Rajinder read this? The BNP is literally stating that they want Britain to be white and those that  for them to stay here means not having too many children or attempting to assert their ethnic identity, culture or religion. Is this what Rajinder wants for his children?

EHRC running scared of racism

The EHRC has handed the BNP political legitimacy and for what? The EHRC’s actions could be construed as coming at a time when the BNP poses a political threat to mainstream society.

Years of the British media and government boasting about a tolerant, multicultural society became undone in a matter of months during the recession as the BNP went from strength to strength.

In the June 2009 local council and European elections the BNP won two European seats in the European parliament with leader Nick Griffin elected in the North West region and Andrew Brons elected in Yorkshire and Humber, winning 10% of the vote. They also won three council seats in Lancashire, Leicestershire and Hertfordshire, their first county council seats in England.

After the BNP leader Nick Griffin appeared on Question Time stating on the show that the Ku Klux Klan, an extreme white supremacist group was non violent, he won public support after a YouGov poll for the Daily Telegraph indicated that 22% of voters would consider backing the BNP in a local, European or general election.

This is what the EHRC, the British government and the British media will not tackle. If Britain is such a tolerant and multicultural society why do many whites return to racism at the first sign of economic trouble? Why would former Labour supporters give their support to a party that believes in ridding this country of all non whites or having as few of them as possible? This is arguably what the EHRC was running from when they decided to desperately take on the BNP on the grounds of its discriminatory membership rule; when in fact they have turned them into a more dangerous party.

When millionaire Asian businessman Mo Chaudry vowed to join the BNP to fight them from the inside his application was turned down and the EHRC is using this example to tell the courts that the BNP has not changed on Tuesday, 9 March, at the Central London County Court. Yet because of their actions the BNP can now use Rajinder as proof that they are changing.

What indeed has the EHRC done?

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