In June this year the greatest footballing spectacle in the world will take place in South Africa. For the first time in World Cup history an African country will be host to the World Cup.

Thirty-two teams have battled through the World Cup qualifying groups earning themselves the right to play for the most coveted and famous trophy in the football world.

It is a fitting tribute to the struggles of all African people that South Africa will be the first African country in football history to host the World Cup. This country with a long history of struggle for racial equality has produced great African iconic leaders such as Nelson Mandela as well as Winnie Mandela. A country that like the national teams taking part has more than earned the right to be on the world stage.

This will not be just any World Cup, it will be a special tournament steeped in history and hopefully highlighting that the African continent has arrived on the world stage despite its many problems.

Post Apartheid cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town and Tshwane/Pretoria will become the venues for the world to view a new South Africa.

Yet whilst many of us born here will be probably be rooting for England to win one has to wonder whether loyalties will be divided should England play an African team? I know where I will stand.

The World Cup in June will be historic for the African teams that are taking part and what a tournament it would be if one of these teams were to make it to the final and even win it!

South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Algeria will represent the African continent and African people of the diaspora all over the world will probably be rooting for one of these teams to go all the way and create not only the biggest upset in World Cup history, but also the most historical moment in sporting history.

The only question that remains in the run up to the World Cup, is what flag will you be flying?


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  1. Very close to the World Cup now. It’s beginning to get really exciting. I hope that everything goes well for the benefit of everyone in South Africa. Let’s have a great tournament.

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