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The Immigration Debate Will Never Be Honest

British Arms sales overseas contribute to war and forces refugees to come to Britain.

The immigration debate is the focus of the news once again, The architect of Brexit, Nigel Farage speaks of an “invasion” off the Kent coast, and the arguments for and against never steers far from the accepted scripted punch and Judy show we see in the media. Continue Reading

The Stupidity Of The N Word Controversy

The BBC has received more than 18,600 complaints over its use of the N word during a news report, yet many of us are silent on its usage in the music industry. This hypocritical Continue Reading

Wiley’s Woeful Anti-Jewish Rants

Grime star Wiley caused a Twitter and social media meltdown when he made rants about Jewish people, referring to them as ‘snakes’ and Continue Reading

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