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Disturbing developments on riots: Far right members take to the streets chanting England! England!

A youtube video seems to show that members of far right organisations such as the English Defence League (EDL) are taking to the streets pretending to be part of community clean-up operations but really targeting black youths chanting ‘England’, ‘England’!

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Undercover police officer infiltrated anti racist groups

The revelations in the Guardian newspaper about undercover police officers who have infiltrated eco groups, anti capitalist groups and even anti racist groups will have sent shock waves throughout the activist community and most likely create a culture of paranoia … Continue reading

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Koran burning pastor to speak at EDL rally in Luton

Controversial pastor Terry Jones who caused an international outcry after vowing to burn copies of the Koran on the last anniversary of the September 11 attacks is set to speak at a English Defence League (EDL) rally next February in … Continue reading

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English Defence League springs ‘surprise’ march in Wolverhampton

According to the Sunday Mercury today Wolverhampton police had to break up a ‘surprise’ march by the English Defence League (EDL) yesterday as about 50 members marched through shopping areas on Saturday morning.

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English Defence League plans Dudley protests

The English Defence League (EDL) are planning to march in Dudley against the building of a new Mosque in April following clashes between them and anti racist campaigners in Birmingham a few months back when they marched in the town … Continue reading

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