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Black Lives Matter Has A Deep Historical Connection To The History Of Slavery, White Supremacy And European Colonialism

Army reserve, Micah Xavier Johnson, 25 carried out a revenge attack on police officers in Dallas for the murders of African-American men by white police officers, and whilst the killings of these officers are tragic the murders of black men … Continue reading

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London riots: Will it address black deaths in police custody?

On Thursday, 4 August, 29 year-old Mark Duggan was shot dead by police as they attempted to arrest him in Tottenham whilst he was in a minicab. Following a peaceful demonstration by his family violence erupted as youths torched buildings … Continue reading

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Black deaths in police custody: We should never forget

With the recent death of British reggae singer Smiley Culture real name David Emmanuel after a police raid of his home, and the death of Kingsley Burrell Brown in police custody there has been a new focus on black deaths … Continue reading

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